Do You Carry a Water Bottle?

Sounds simple, but carrying your own water bottle is one way to easily and effectively make a small eco-friendly change. You don’t need me to tell you that water bottles are wasteful – you pay for water that’s free at home, and the single-use plastic will likely avoid the recycling bin. (Even if it hits the bin, its chances of being recycled are relatively low, as more towns find recycling harder and harder to accomplish.) For the past few years, I’ve constantly carried a water bottle and very rarely buy water while out. Once you fall into a routine, you know where you can find water stations while out and about, and seldomly have a problem. For example, I often fill my bottle at Whole Foods, the Concord CO-OP and Bagel Works. If you’re nervous about using a water fountain during Covid-19, I completely understand. Here’s another hack – fill a few bottles before leaving the house and store in the car. Stainless steel works best for keeping water cold, and then you don’t have to use a fountain or pay for plastic. If you’re looking to invest in a bunch of new bottles, stores are always having sales. I’ve bought some for less money at Granite State Naturals and the CO-OP. Like with many zero-waste habits, you will have to invest a little to get started, but will save yourself money in the long run. Spending one dollar on a regular and frequent basis adds up to lots of lost money; water fountains are free! – Rachel

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