Friday Links Around the Web

Is Climate Change affecting different social classes and parts of the world equally? The New York Times takes a look

The NH race for governor is underway! Feltes releases a plan for clean energy

NYC has paused its composting program due to Covid-19. This company is trying to offer an alternative

It’s important to try and choose natural clothing. Synthetic chemicals leak into our water supply through the washing machine

“The human cost of COVID-19 has, of course, been so incomprehensibly tragic that acknowledging the virus’s silver linings—the cleaner air, the forestalled carbon emissions—can feel ghoulish. But there’s no denying that the abrupt diminishment of human travel, a phenomenon scientists recently dubbed the “Anthropause,” has generated profound conservation benefits.” Covid-19 and its effect on our natural world

And here’s a recap of what we discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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