Friday Links Around the Web (9/4/20)

The gorgeous view at Lake Sunapee

It’s September! Fall is in the air, but did this summer seem especially hot to you? You’re not wrong. This was Concord’s hottest summer in over 100 years. Meanwhile July 2020 was tie-breaking for the hottest July in the northern hemisphere.

Fast fashion negatively affects the planet. Clothes are cheap so people buy trendy and disposable garments, rather than using what’s available and looking for longevity. That’s why this article says that no one wants your used clothes anymore.

Fashion production also takes a toll on the environment, as it costs a lot of natural resources, such as water, to produce a piece of clothing. So what can we do? For my kids, I still sell and buy a lot of their wardrobe on Kidizen. Once the items arrive in the mail, I let the package sit for a few days and then send the clothing into the wash. We are a pretty Covid-cautious household and feel comfortable with this method. For adults, there’s Thred-Up, eBay, your local thrift or consignment store and a clothing-swap with friends once we’re “back to normal.”

On a similar note, recycling isn’t the panacea most of us (me included) hope it can be. Recycling should be your last, rather than first, resort. It’s better for the Earth to refuse, reduce and reuse before option to recycle.

Lastly, most people likely agree that organic produce is healthier for your body than conventional. However it’s often more expensive and can be tough to reconcile with a tight budget. If possible, try focusing on the dirty dozen. It’s better than nothing and still provides some of the benefits of organic eating

And here’s a recap of what we discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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