Friday Links Around the Web (9/18/20)

Happy Friday! Fall is in the air. The breeze is getting crisper, we’re all starting to wear more layers and pumpkins abound. Meanwhile, some Earth related news from around the web….

Is Plastic Recycling A Lie? Oil Companies Touted Recycling To Sell More Plastic (NPR). Recycling is getting less and less effective as towns cut costs and plastic heads to the landfill. It’s hard to do, but recycling should be one of our last (not first!) attempts before throwing things away. Reducing, re-using and refusing are cheaper and more effective. As Hannah reminds us, anything that comes into our homes will eventually need to leave. Lower your burden by lowering your consumption.

Climate change continues to be a contested and controversial issue. For example, a Longtime Climate Science Denier (was) Hired At NOAA . Supporting politicians who care about climate change helps ensure that correct people get placed into important environmental positions. Remember – voting is a free and easy way to protect the Earth.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve mentioned the link between climate change and strong wildfires. Now we’re seeing the same unfortunate connection with hurricane season.

We also talked about The Green New Deal. Other countries are already working on similar plans. South Korea’s Green Deal pledges zero emissions by 2050 and will provide jobs for the country

And here’s a recap of other topics we discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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