How Was Your Week?

The girls and I went apple picking this past week and had a lot of fun with our bounty! Homemade apple sauce, apple pies and lots of crunchy fruit to snack on! Also wishing I had purchased more cider donuts. Gould Hill makes the best ones I’ve ever tasted. Plus, my husband and I mailed our ballots this week! Do you have a voting plan? Remember – voting is an easy and cheap way to help the Earth! What was a highlight of your week? Share below! In the meantime, let’s take a look at what’s happening around the web…

Halloween is on its way! Kids VT offers some tips for an eco-friendly and festive holiday. Hannah does too!

Are you a big tech person? I’m a bit old-fashioned but my husband loves all things gadgets. That can be tricky when trying to balance zero-waste ambitions. Good news – Apple is improving their ways!

When Covid hit, a lot of us started buying things more locally. I know I did! I had always shopped at Farmer’s Markets and the Concord Co-Op, but I suddenly found myself using our local assets even more. What if we lived that way all of the time?

Recycling is a tricky issue. Some places are abandoning their recycling programs, while others aim to find new ways to improve theirs! For example, The Guardian writes about a super-enzyme that eats plastic bottles six times faster! EPA America is also hosting The America Recycles: Innovation Fair, which will showcase recent advances in recycling technology, product development, and materials usage.

And here’s a recap of other topics Hannah and I discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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