Have A Safe Weekend

NH is starting to feel the effects of Covid-19 and that’s been weighing on my mind. However I’m going to focus on the joys of our beautiful state and try to spend time outside in our serene woods (make sure to wear bright colors due to hunting season), cook food from our local farms and stay (virtually) connected with the loving community my family has created here. Hopefully light at the end of the tunnel soon. In the meantime, we still need to heal the the Earth and focus on preventing more future disasters. So let’s take a look at what’s been happening around the web…

Kind of a dark topic, but I guess we all face this fate eventually. Might as well be be considerate about it…

A really cool idea. Much better for the environment than cosmetic fields of grass, plus a way to help with hunger

On the opposite spectrum, Trump officials rush to auction off rights to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before Biden can block it. “The move would be a capstone of President Donald Trump’s efforts to open up public lands to logging, mining and grazing – something Biden strongly opposes.”

We’ve mentioned on GreenLifeNH that recycling is helpful but should be a last resort rather than a first one. One reason? Those recycling symbols can be confusing and cause problems. Is it Time to Remove the Recycling Symbol from Plastics? Glass seems to be much easier

Lastly, I don’t mention it on here but I am a devout Rachel Maddow Fan. My husband I watch her nightly. I’m not about to get into mask/shutdown debates, but please be careful. Her partner is extremely sick and she made a strong point that you don’t get to choose who in your life gets Covid.

And here’s a recap of other topics Hannah and I discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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2 thoughts on “Have A Safe Weekend

  1. HI Rachel, I had so much fun with Hannah, she was great. I am thinking always about collaborating with you guys. If you have ideas let me know. I am new at this and my first thought was to include a short article from your blog on my Sunday newsletter. If that is a no no, I get it. Not sure about reach and customers and toe stepping etc. I don’t have the band with to do my own blog and log all yours Ideas welcome if you are interested. Stay Safe & Sane Marla

    https://www.wefillgoodseacoast.com https://www.facebook.com/wefillgoodseacoast


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