Scenes From Our November Weekend

We purposely made no plans this weekend because we’re trying to keep our circle small in order to prevent Covid-19. However we had such a lovely weekend with a good mixture of adventuring, crafting, cooking, chores and relaxing, so no complaints here.

On Saturday, I was itching to get outside and adventure so I checked my handy list and we chose a spot to explore. My husband didn’t want to drive more than an hour from our home, so Lockes Hill Trail was the perfect compromise. I loved this hike and plan to return! It was a good length for my five year old but there was pretty scenery for all of us to enjoy. Plus, we found a surprise!

We came home tired and hungry, so enjoyed our Saturday night tradition of locally-owned take-out dinner and a movie. I introduced Labyrinth to my girls but they were frightened by the goblins, so we returned to an old favorite instead!

Sunday was much slower but also fun. We had a few zoom appointments (chatting with grandma and music lessons) but otherwise relaxed and puttered around the house. I offered the girls a simple craft (we went the stick route and only used branches that had fallen off the bushes), but it was abandoned midway through for free creating and playing. At first I was a little disappointed, but then realized I needed to let it go and be happy they are using their imaginations.

I also did some never ending laundry, and used my new-to-me clothing paste. I had been hesitant about trying this detergent but it’s been working pretty well. Spy the borax and washing soda boxes in the background? They’re helpful for when your laundry needs a little extra boost. I also used an old laundry jug for the paste, and saved another piece of plastic from the recycling bin!

And, lastly, it wouldn’t be a weekend for me without cooking. I had asked people on our Instagram stories about how to cook this celery root that I accidentally received from my Misfits order. Was told to mash it! So I peeled and boiled them, together with some potatoes, and then mixed together with butter, heavy cream, salt and pepper. Was so good! I will now buy this root when I see it at the market, because I know what to do!

That’s all from me for now. How was your weekend? Something similar? We’re now getting ready for a short week here and then celebrating Thanksgiving with our family of four. – Rachel

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