Shopping Green at We Fill Good in Kittery

If you live in the Seacoast area and haven’t stopped into We Fill Good yet, you are truly missing out. This beautiful low-waste refill store is basically a one-stop-shop for anything and everything you would need to live the low-waste lifestyle

At the recommendation of a friend, I headed to Kittery this week to check out We Fill Good, a local business owned and operated by Marla Baldassare. A wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm about all things low and zero-waste, Marla has collected a wide-ranging, practical, and fun assortment of goods. I truly enjoyed looking through the store.

The center of Marla’s mission is to provide an economical, yet luxuriant selection of refillable home and body products. The store boasts everything from all purpose cleaners, hand soaps, and detergents (easier to find) to specific cleaners for furniture, glass, and toilet cleaner (nearly impossible to find) in easy-to-use spouted containers. There is also a very impressive collection of refillable body products – from lotion, to shampoo and conditioner, to body scrub, deodorant, and a wide variety of soaps – all chosen for their low-impact footprint.

Filling up pre- and post-Covid is a breeze. You can either bring your own containers or choose from a wide variety of containers – new and recycled – that Marla has available. Simply weigh your container and mark its tare (the weight of the container) using wax pencil. Then fill it up, noting the product number on the container. For now, Marla does the filling for you, which is a great way for beginners to get started anyway.

I was filling products for my mom, Rachel, and myself on the day of my visit and brought a fun assortment of containers (I am particularly proud of refilling my mom’s Palmolive container and getting her started on her low-waste journey). Next time, I will bring more. I was amazed at some of the products offered for refill and never thought to bring a container for deodorant or lotion, for example.

We Fill Good does not stop at refillables. Marla offers all the low-waste products you can imagine, including a lovely baby section, plus some I never thought possible (low-waste bandaids, for example).

Visiting We Fill Good renewed my belief that not only is a low-waste life possible, but it is just around the corner. All the products are available. We just need to start using them.

So, what did I get?! Along with my refill containers, I left with an awesome birthday present for my husband (which I cannot disclose at this time, but will review later), and stocking stuffers for everyone (including zero-waste and low-waste products for the uninitiated). I also bought…

I wish you a wonderful visit to We Fill Good! Remember to share what you found.

– Hannah

3 thoughts on “Shopping Green at We Fill Good in Kittery

  1. Thank you for the amazing article and fun visit.
    I wanted to mention that We Fill Good staples are available prefilled in reusable containers in Stratham now!!!! A great collaboration with Candle Bean & co in Stratham Plaza at 72 Portsmouth Ave.
    Get your Dish, Laundry, Hand, All Purpose & Pods without the plastic waste closer to your home!


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