Hannah’s Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to give friends and family this year? Hoping to give wonderful gifts AND stay true to your low-waste and low-impact lifestyle? If you haven’t yet, check out Rachel’s guide. Here are some suggestions to spark the green glow in anyone. But first, a general guide for gift-giving:

  1. Experiences! There are literally unlimited online classes for just about everything if there is not an in person experience here in New Hampshire that would be of interest (or possible, given Covid).
  2. Books! Books always lead to something or somewhere new, and don’t we all need that these days? You can buy them used and/or support local bookstores.
  3. Consumables! Food, syrup, soaps, candles… anything that can be eaten or used up is a good choice (the less packaging, the better). Live plants are a great choice too.
  4. Useful Items! Aim for something useful. It’s totally socially acceptable to ask the person what she needs and to get it for her (oven mitt? umbrella? slippers?). You can choose something a bit nicer than she would have chosen for herself and it’s a win-win.

Gifts for the Green Thumb

Gifts for the Cook

Gifts for the Travel Enthusiast

Gifts for the Kids

Are there people out there who don’t garden, cook, travel, or have kids? Sure, but I don’t know what to get them, so you’ll have to figure that out yourself. đŸ™‚ Just remember to aim for experiences, books, consumables, and useful items and you’ll be fine. If you’re stuck, I suggest visiting a local green goods store and choosing something everyone needs (dish towels, soap, and single-use alternatives come to mind).

I hope this helps!

– Hannah

What are you gifting this year?

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