Holy Snow!

How was your snow day? I personally loved it. NH needed a good amount of snow and we had a lot of fun sledding, playing, shoveling etc. My husband tried to get out in the morning, but it was impossible because the snow just kept coming. Sometimes it’s good to be forced to slow down in that way (barring emergencies, of course). How did you relax? We also read, baked and cuddled by our fire place. In the meantime, the country received some positive climate change news this week. The Biden administration is making moves in the right direction…

We had some new federal positions announced. First, more social barriers were broken. I am thrilled about this choice. We also have a smart pick for the EPA and a new Climate Change Czar. Ironically, she’s contributing to a book I bought just this week and shared on our Instagram. Looks like the right people will be in charge.

I’ve shared that it’s impossible to live a perfect zero-waste life. Even with the best of intentions, we are only human and need to live in society. Turns out I’m not alone

This store looks really cool. We need more of them! The future is promising

Hannah shared alternatives to disposable wrapping paper. Here’s a tutorial in Furoksohi (the art of japanese fabric wrapping).

GreenLifeNH was started for many reasons, including creating a better planet for our children

Lastly, here’s a recap of other topics Hannah and I discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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