Friday Links Around the Web

How was everyone’s week? Hannah and I took a peaceful walk, where she introduced me to Yak Tracks. These little slip-ons made such a difference and allow you to walk in the icy woods during the winter. I was so impressed. My family also had a Covid scare in our community, which thankfully turned out to be false. It caused quite the stir for a few hours. Luckily everyone is alright for now. I am looking forward to the time when we say goodbye to this pandemic! Meanwhile the world keeps turning. Let’s see what happened in climate news this week

It’s exciting to see more political candidates focus on global warming, especially in my home town of NYC. Big cities, such as NYC, also see high amounts of environmental racism. I truly believe that while there are many important societal issues, they all involve climate change. Without a viable Earth, those others problems become worse – food insecurity, housing shortages, health issues etc.

Back in New Hampshire, the town of Keene is organizing local composting programs! The “goal is to normalize composting and reduce the number of trucks that send Keene’s waste away to Rochester, NH’s landfill.” Concord – get on board! Plus, in addition to avoiding additional landfill waste, composting solves another problem as well!

I heard this story on the radio the other day and was naively surprised. Climate migration is already starting, and it’s landing some people in New Hampshire!

Does the winter weather have you dreaming of spring? Are you already starting to plan your garden? To Help Save Bumble Bees, Plant These Flowers

Ending on a positive note, there are Reasons for Hope on Climate Change in 2021. “To be clear, climate despair does not square with current scientific understandings. We are in trouble, not screwed. Actions taken now and in the next decade, individually and collectively, can make a difference.”

And now here’s a recap of other topics Hannah and I discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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