It’s a New Day!

How was your week? Very happy campers over here. The nation made history (hello, Vice President Kamala Harris!) and the new President mentioned our climate emergency right in his inauguration speech. But after we take a moment to revel in this new day, we need to get back to work. Lots to do. Let’s see what also happened in climate-news this week.

What were you doing when you were nine? I can’t say I was doing something like this

President Biden has been busy during his first few days in office. Some big climate decisions have already been made. ““We’re going to combat climate change in a way we have not before,” Mr. Biden said in the Oval Office on Wednesday evening, just before signing the executive orders. Even so, he cautioned: “They are just executive actions. They are important but we’re going to need legislation for a lot of the things we’re going to do.””

The New Hampshire Chapter of is working with our Northeast Regional Manager to support the passage of a law that would ban polystyrene foam food packaging statewide! “Persistence pays off; in most instances of statewide plastics mitigation law, it took multiple session attempts before finally passing the law (think about the bag bans now in Maine, Washington, California and Hawaii). We are laying important groundwork now for future law in New Hampshire, and YOU can help!”

Elon Musk makes news again. I’m excited to hear more about these projects, but how about we start by less cutting and more planting of trees?

How do Covid and the environment connect? The effects might be seen for over a decade…“There is no vaccine against climate risks, so post-pandemic recovery plans must focus on growth aligning with sustainability agendas to build back better.”

And now here’s a recap of other topics Hannah and I discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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P.S. The above photo was borrowed from the New York Times

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