Happy Friday!

How was your week? My kids were home on school break and we safely saw some friends and had fun outside. The weather is beginning to turn in New Hampshire and our local outdoor skating pond is closed for the season. While I’m excited for spring, I’m not ready to be done with winter. Still hoping to get one more ski session before the slopes turn to slush. If you live in New Hampshire – what do you think? Is it getting warmer earlier than usual or is this normal? I’m still hoping for a bit more snow and winter. Regardless, climate change continues to be an important issue for our world. Let’s see what happened in the news this week…

We started with some new cabinet assignments, including our Energy Secretary. “I am all about bringing clean energy jobs, especially to communities that have relied … on a product that is based on oil and gas,” Jennifer Granholm tells Chris Hayes just hours after her confirmation. Can’t wait to see what she accomplishes!

On the opposite spectrum, we have also witnessed the disastrous results of extreme weather meeting unprepared energy systems. This story is very sad but also shows why we need to upgrade and weatherize our power infrastructure. “Texas is free from federal regulations because it is the only state to use its own power grid, though it is one of the largest energy producers and consumers in the country. Critics have said that this independence allowed the state to shirk federal requirements that would have better prepared the energy grid for winter weather in order to maximize its profits for private utility providers.”

Hannah and I talk about mending clothes on GreenLifeNH, including a helpful tutorial. This designer is taking things to the next level and it’s awesome! “Some people love rescuing pets. I started off rescuing clothes – and have never stopped,” she says. Her design process was initially creative, not ethically driven. A eureka moment came while she was “climbing mountains of rubbish in a warehouse” to source holey jumpers. “I thought: OK, I am not just designing – I am recuperating,” she says. “There is a purpose. It is not just aesthetic, it is also profoundly moral in many ways.” So many good tips in this article about how to shop for clothing, and maintain your items, in a sustainable way.

Let’s end with some good news! Hamilton becomes first Mass. town to mandate composting. “For enforcement, the ban simply requires that every household have their green bin curbside each week. If the green bin isn’t curbside, then Casella will not pick up the black barrel.” “Climate change is threatening the very air we breathe, the seas around us, and the environment we cherish. No matter who we are, or why we care about the world we inhabit, we each have the power to act and to do something about it. By taking action in even small ways we can make a difference.” New Hampshire – let’s start doing the same! Especially since we are running out of landfill space

And now here’s a recap of other topics Hannah and I discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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