Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it everywhere? While I’m being a little grouchy about saying goodbye to winter (not sure why, maybe change is hard right now), there is something nice about opening the windows, feeling the fresh breeze and thinking about warmer and brighter days ahead. The temps are rising, and the Covid numbers are lowering! As we start enjoying the change in seasons, plans are being made. Here are some tasks on my mind

Gardening! Hannah is the master gardener in our duo but I like to plant some fruits and veggies every year. Unfortunately, our yard doesn’t get a lot of sun. The shade is great for hanging out but not terrific for planting things. I try to ignore this fact, and hope for the best, but it’s kind of like wishcycling – praying something will happen when you know it’s unlikely due to the conditions. So this year I’m going to “lean into” my shaded yard and work on leafy greens and other plants that don’t need as much sun. I’m a little nervous about leafy greens – kind of a silly question but how do you know which part is edible? I guess all of it? – but will give it a go and ask Hannah any questions I may have. I’m also going to restart my composting (it was dormant for the winter) and hope you will too! Here’s a quick tutorial if you’re looking to begin

I think these are cucumber plants that I started inside last year. I also learned the term “hardening” where you bring plants in and out for a few days before fully planting them into the ground

Clothing! My kids need wardrobe holes filled, as will I. I am trying so hard to breakaway from fast fashion and buy (or not buy!) more sustainably. For my kids, Kidizen is always my first stop since we’re not the recipients of hand-me-downs. For my closet, I am focusing on methods that don’t involve cheaply made garments, since those are terrible for the environment.

Supporting local businesses! I have a small list of places I want to visit as the Covid situation improves and we feel more comfortable venturing outside of our comfort zone. Maybe even more than my kids do, I love visiting local farms and meeting their baby animals. We are also going to suspend our Misfits and start buying even more from New Hampshire vendors. (I stayed away from the farmer’s markets last year, but am excited to head back this spring!) Ever since I read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I try to eat more seasonally. It’s harder to do with kids (yes, I sometimes buy strawberries in January because I know they’ll eat them, and frankly I’m not sure we could live without bananas) but I also get excited about the asparagus, local strawberries and other early fruits and veggies that start cropping up.

This picture isn’t from there, but I love the Friendly Farm in Dublin.

Cleaning! If you’re like me, spending more time in your home over this past year has drawn your attention to all of the nooks and crannies that could use a little more love. Dust that has settled, windows that need washing. As I tell my girls, “it’s not that I love cleaning (I actually hate it), but I love a clean home.” Right now I use Sal’s Suds and Dr Bronner’s but I’m looking to switch it up a bit and might try some bulk cleaners. (Those are other small businesses on my list, like We Fill Good in Kittery.) We also love to swiffer for convenience, but don’t like the trash, so want to try some reusable swiffer pads as well.

So that’s it for now, as I peak outside and see the snow melting. What is on your mind? What’s making you excited about spring? – Rachel

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