Happy Weekend!

It’s Friday! How are you planning to spend your weekend? I have schoolwork and chores, but will also balance with seeing some friends and visiting a new-to-us farm. I love a good farm store and am excited to experiment in the kitchen with local foods that I find. This past week, I also visited the local ski mountain for my last time this year. I am still a novice, and skied a “blue square” for the first time. Ended the season on a good note! Now time for our weekly edition of eco-updates.

In local news:

A push to make buildings (and streetlights) more efficient in Concord. These projects are part of the city’s goal to use 100% renewable energy by 2050, including 100% renewable electricity by 2030. It’s easier to make that switch if you’re using less energy to begin with. If you live in Concord, you can also explore weatherizing your home through subsidy assistance. It’s a great opportunity to make improvements that will save both energy and money in the future.

N.H. bee populations are in trouble, and the way forward. Despite the bucolic appearance of our landscape, upon close investigation we find an ecosystem in trouble. New Hampshire’s biodiversity is threatened by a variety of factors including habitat loss, climate change, pollution, invasive species and harmful pesticides….New Hampshire’s native pollinators and domestic honey bees are responsible for one in three bites of food that we eat.

In national and international news:

The push to build the Keystone Pipeline rages onward. 21 Republican-led states sue Biden over Keystone XL rejection. Many of the states aren’t near the proposed path for Keystone XL, which would carry oil from tar sands in Alberta to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast. So why do they believe they have standing? The Montana attorney general’s office says it’s because killing the pipeline would “also have a ripple effect that adversely impacts the economy and environment in non-pipeline states.”

A Crime With No Name: The International Definition Of ‘Ecocide’. Lawyers from around the world are working together to draft a legal definition for a crime that so far hasn’t had a name under international law: “ecocide.“The term is broadly defined as the systematic destruction of the environment.

An interesting new idea! Maybe an addition to my “to visit” list. Incredible floating ‘doughnut’ eco hotel which generates power with solar, wind and tidal energy and spins around in 24-hour cycles is planned for Qatar. The doughnut shaped building will use solar panels and wind turbines to produce clean energy with no waste – and a vortex shaped roof to collect rainwater for irrigating greenery throughout the huge building on the seaViews will change as the hotel slowly spins around, but as it will take 24 hours to complete a single rotation the movement will hardly be noticeable to guests.

And now here’s a recap of other topics Hannah and I discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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