Green your Shaving Routine

Daily habits – like shaving – can be hugely wasteful. Each year, people go through can after can of shaving cream or gel, tons of disposable razors and/or disposable blades, and bottles of aftershave and lotion. But shaving, like your other daily habits, doesn’t need to be wasteful!

Here are some products, tips, and tricks to get the job done without all the waste.

The razor on the stand is my husband’s fancy adjustable one. Mine is pretty straight forward. They use the same razor blades, which we can recycle safely in the razor safe pictured behind.

Razors: This year for my husband’s birthday, I found him this beautiful, functional, adjustable, and low waste Rockwell razor at We Fill Good in Kittery, which has recyclable steel blades. Because it was a birthday present, I sprang for the fancy stand and razor disposal safe, which allows you to safely store the used blades until you’re ready to recycle a whole bunch. For the ladies, I picked up this beautiful and functional safety razor at Bonafide Green Goods in Concord from the same company. It also comes with the same recyclable blades, which simplifies our routine as well.

Shave Bars: My husband uses a shave bar he bought with a fancy ceramic dish years ago from the Village Store at Canterbury Shaker Village (this store sold lots of low waste things before low waste was a thing). It lathers well and lasts a surprisingly long time. I don’t even go that far for my lather, opting for bar soap instead (Santa puts a lovely smelling bar soap in my stocking every year), which really works just as well. I’ve been doing that for over ten years, with no trouble at all. I personally know both Bonafide and We Fill Good sell shave bars, and they are widely available.

I don’t think I’ll go back to lotion if I can find package-free lotion bars. It’s much less messy!

Aftershave and Lotion: My husband has found he no longer needs aftershave these days, but there are definitely low-waste ones out there (look for recyclable containers made of metal and glass). My legs still get dry after I shave, so I do need lotion. A good friend sent me a lotion bar from her local Farmer’s Market this Christmas, which works great. Honestly, I actually prefer the bar to messy lotion! But, if you’re not ready to give up the lotion, you can refill lotion at any refill shop , including at Granite State Naturals, We Fill Good, and Bonafide (don’t forget to bring your old lotion container or a pretty glass jar).

That’s it folks! Less trash, less fuss, and everyone is still clean-shaven. Win-win-win!

– Hannah

3 thoughts on “Green your Shaving Routine

  1. You should check out The Refill Station the next time you are near Portsmouth!

    I couldn’t get over the fear of cutting myself constantly with a single blade razor and went with the Leaf. It works exactly like a disposable but the used blades can be sent back to the company for recycling!


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