It’s the Weekend!

Happy Weekend! We’ve had different family members in town for the past two weeks and it’s been lovely. So nice to slowly return to pre-Covid times and spend time with loved ones. This weekend, our family is celebrating a wedding anniversary so we might take a day trip to Maine. Our younger one specifically asked if she can dip her feet in the ocean. If you’ve been to the ocean in Maine, you know it’s freezing this time of year but I love she’s excited for these simple pleasures. I hope to keep cultivating this joy as she grows. One way is by teaching her to love and protect our Mother Earth. Let’s see what’s happening in climate news this week

As someone who recently learned to ski and loves it, I can totally understand the concern in this article. At the same time, I like how people are brainstorming to protect an industry during changing times. Preserving winter: Climate change and the uncharted effect on N.H. tourism. The effect climate change will have on winter sports and tourism is an uncharted terrain for New Hampshire. Several industry experts gave their ideas on what Granite Staters and out of state tourists who love the winter and the activities that come with it can do to alleviate the effects of a warming climate during a panel discussion last week organized by the League of Conservation Voters. Ideas included forest protection, voting green, move to renewable energy sources, including electric vehicles and installing solar panels.

So many of us cleaned out our closets when we were staying home and looking for things to do. However sending everything to Goodwill isn’t the answer. Especially if the item isn’t in “buyable” condition. “We are really thankful that people think of us and don’t directly go to a landfill, ” said Amanda Herr, an assistant manager for Goodwill who was at the Concord store Wednesday. “But it does make it tougher for us.”The problem is similar to “wish-cycling,” in which people put non-recyclable items in their recycling bin because it makes them feel better than throwing something out. In both cases, this wishful thinking not only fails to do good but does actual harm.

Animal extinction is never a fun topic to discuss but it’s an impending reality if we don’t make some changes. Lemurs and giant tortoises among species at risk if global heating hits 3C. If the world manages to stick to 1.5C of warming, just 2% of land-based endemic species would be at risk of extinction, compared with 20% at more than 3C, according to the analysis of hundreds of existing studies. Species are endemic if they are only found in one place, such as an island, mountain range or single country.

To end on a positive note, it’s great to see both sides of Congress starting to agree that climate change is real and needs addressing. Why the House Republicans’ plan to fight climate change matters. House Republicans plan to unveil their own plan to fight climate change later this month, according to three people familiar with the matter, a reflection of the pressure on the party to come up with solutions to a problem it had previously denied or ignored. The legislative package, being spearheaded by House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, is still being assembled but is expected to include a plan to plant as many as a trillion trees, said two of the people who asked not to be identified in describing private communications.

And now here’s a recap of other topics Hannah and I discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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