Scenes from the Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend and were able to enjoy the warm weather (though I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it made me a bit nervous). We had family in town, and celebrated a wedding anniversary, so spent the day in Maine. When we first moved to NH from NYC, we couldn’t believe that Maine was only an hour away. It was nice to take a small day trip, but Ogunquit was PACKED. The parking lots were full and we saw lines of people waiting to get into the restaurants. So we skipped the town, but did manage to find an empty-ish beach. It was way colder and windier than I had expected, but my younger one had a great time putting her feet into the water and playing in the sand. I am looking forward to more of these local trips and vacations this summer. We have so much natural beauty nearby that I really try to fore-go plane trips whenever possible and enjoy somewhere closer instead. Save plane travel for when it’s truly necessary. (I’m looking forward to using the United States’ new train system as well.)

Something about being by the ocean just makes me feel much more relaxed. I don’t take our proximity for granted

With Covid starting to abate, it’s also been fun to get out and see my friends a bit more. A friend from my book club organized an outdoor book-swap and it was great to safely socialize and grab some new reads. Have you done a swap before? Pre-Covid, I organized a clothing swap at my kids’ school and it was a big success.

We’re also cleaning out the garage for some spring cleaning. I’ll be honest that some of it is going to junk guy. Have to be real, right? But I’m also trying to re-home a lot of things that can be loved elsewhere. My hope is that this little water table will be gone by the end of the day. Also trying to be mindful about any item that enters my house moving forward, because anything that enters will eventually need to leave.

Lastly, I head back to full-time work next week after years of staying home with my kids. In preparation, I am slowly rebuilding a professional wardrobe through Thred-Up and similar sources. I will likely share some of my haul on our Instagram stories, but consider this paragraph your friendly reminder to “shop second-hand first.”

How was your weekend? Any zero waste wins? – Rachel

PS the water table was gone within an hour!

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