What a Week.

I try to stay “on-topic” here on GreenLifeNH, but it’s obviously been quite a week in this country. Lots of rightful outrage over tragic and senseless killings, and asking for reforms that need to be made. I don’t have the answers, nor am I against the police, but we need change. We can’t continue on this path. The same obviously can be said for climate change. Let’s explore what happened recently in eco-news and learn how we can we evolve and grow for the better.

Locally, Weatherize Concord has stalled due to a delay in NH Saves update. A delay by regulators updating a state efficiency program has left 32 Concord buildings in limbo as they wait for help to cut their energy use.The program was going to be updated starting this year and the utilities had proposed a more expansive program but it was held up when some legislators raised concern about the upfront cost on bills, especially during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, previous actions can have long terms effects. DDT’s toxic legacy can harm granddaughters of women exposed, study shows. When Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” first sounded the alarm on DDT and its devastating effects on birds and fish, our understanding of how this pesticide affected humans was just beginning. Chemicals can take years to reveal their insidious power, and so for decades, scientists have been piecing together — study by study — the reasons why DDT still haunts us today.

Heard this interesting story on the radio a few days ago: Trees From The Forest Of Villefermoy Will Help Rebuild Notre Dame. In France, the search is on for a thousand massive oak trees to provide beams needed to restore Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, which was badly damaged by fire two years ago. At first, I was upset that they were cutting down such old trees, but a professional explained that it’s healthy for the forest and promotes new growth. A quick, yet informative, listen.

Let’s end with a fun task: here’s how you can use coffee grounds in your garden. It might provide us with a boost of energy first thing, but coffee grounds can work wonders outside on our plants and flowers…When used correctly, coffee can be a great addition to your outside space, especially when it comes to warding off pesky bugs and making mulch.

And now here’s a recap of other topics Hannah and I discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

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