One Year of GreenLifeNH and a Giveaway!

It’s mid-August! The last few days have been a bit warm but lots of good stuff as well. In celebration, we are sharing a bit of what’s been giving us joy!

Rachel: Breaking out of my comfort zone. It’s funny because I’m actually a creature of habit and thrive on routines and predictability. Yet, I also love adventure (is that contradictory?), going to new places and trying new things. For this reason, I’ve been able to break some Earth-harming habits by experimenting and replacing them with new ones. Successes includes adopting eco-friendlier products for my home, alternative methods of doing things (less trash and more composting) and cooking new vegetarian recipes in order to eat less meat and explore more vegetables. As an adult, I’ve also enjoyed moving from NYC to the New England countryside, picking-up new sports (I learned to ski at 37) and enjoying different ways of adventuring (last week, one daughter and I tried backyard camping with Hannah’s family and another friend). As a child, I didn’t spend a ton of time in the great outdoors but have been making up for it, and that’s bringing me a lot of joy. I plan to get some trips into a few more beaches and short hikes before school starts in a few weeks. It’s the simple things!

h Can you guess that flowers this will be? I spotted it during one of my trips where I skipped the car, and thought it was so beautiful

Hannah: Digging in Deeper This summer I have really been embracing getting down and dirty with my yard and my garden. It’s my sixth year of vegetable gardening at the community garden and I am really starting to get a feel for how to grow what my family wants and needs (we are self-sustaining now in a few crops, like garlic and greens). I love cooking food with vegetables and fruits I have grown and picked myself – there is literally nothing more human! I am going to take the Master Gardener course this fall to become certified and I am really excited to learn more about sustainable food production and pollinator gardens specifically. And I want to share all I have learned with you, so please ask away! I’m happy to come to your house and talk gardens with you too. I think everyone can and should grow at least some of their own food.

A rainbow from the garden yesterday (green beans, golden beets, carrots, and a variety of red beets).

Last, but not least, we are super joyful about one year of creating and sharing on GreenLifeNH! We’ve been busy plugging away at our site and and missed our anniversary back in July! It’s been so wonderful to start GreenLifeNH, exchange information and meet like-minded people who are working to help our Earth. We’ve appreciated the support, community and love, and want to celebrate with a giveaway to one our favorite stores – We Fill Good in Kittery, ME. The winner will receive a $50 giftcard. Don’t live locally? No problem – they ship! Here’s how you enter:

  1. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our site and follow @greenlifenh on instagram
  2. Comment on one of our posts on this site and @greenlifenh
  3. Tag a few friends on @greenlifenh or share one of our posts on here

That’s it! Contest is open until 11pm on Sunday, August 15th.

In the meantime, we also thought we’d share some of our most popular posts from this past year. We’ve loved working on GreenLifeNH and are excited to keep going! XO, Rachel and Hannah

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