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About GreenLifeNH:

GreenLifeNH was started by two Concord, NH mothers (Hannah and Rachel) who want to influence others to make green-changes in their lives and communities. We aim to become an information source for everything “eco” in New Hampshire and beyond. Check this space for links to articles on current policy information, interviews with local environmentalists and business owners, tips on zero-waste living and reviews of useful books and articles. Our goal is to make positive social change toward a greener tomorrow.

About Hannah and Rachel:

Hannah MacBride grew up playing in the woods, fields, and waters of New Hampshire. She was an early environmentalist, picking up trash and putting leaf “band-aids” on ailing trees, but only really started to grasp global issues like climate change in college. As a young adult, Hannah focused her energy on improving her own lifestyle to reflect her values. When Hannah became a mother, she realized living a sustainable lifestyle was not enough to protect the Earth for her children. She would need to convince others to do the same. After several inspiring conversations with Rachel, GreenLifeNH was born. 

Rachel Sandweiss Gourvitz was born and raised in NYC during the 1980s and 90s. She specifically remembers when the city stopped using residential incinerators and introduced recycling. A true city girl, Rachel used to be afraid of nature and walks in the woods. However once Rachel started regularly visiting the Berkshires in her 20s, she began thinking about the environment and man’s effect on the climate. As a city resident, Rachel was accustomed to throwing her trash down a chute, and therefore had an “a-ha” moment when she first used a “transfer station” and realized that our actions matter. Rachel moved to NH with her family in 2013, and has since watched the temperatures hit 60+ in January and our snow storms turn to rain. She is therefore working to improve her personal habits by making one small change at a time (often inspired by Hannah!), in hopes of protecting our Earth. Come join and let’s learn together! PS Like many moms, Rachel had very few recent pictures of herself, so she had to step outside and snap a selfie

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