I Want to Make a Change, Where Do I Start?

I’m taking some time off this week, so thought I’d share some of our older posts that get buried in the back of the site. They all offer simple suggestions about thinking more sustainably. I always say that you don’t need to adopt an “all or nothing” philosophy in order to make a difference. ByContinue reading “I Want to Make a Change, Where Do I Start?”

State of my Green(er) Yard Report

We moved into a new home a little less than a year ago. Our goal is to make as many ecological changes as we can to the yard, within reason (since we don’t own the home and need to work on a budget). I’m so inspired by friends, family, and random people on the internetContinue reading “State of my Green(er) Yard Report”

Products We Use: Cleaning

True or false – a few months ago, before I started the bi-weekly cleaning of our bathrooms, I said “I’d rather be giving birth.” The answer is true. While I realize that’s dramatic, that’s how much I hate these types of chores. But I still clean because the alternative is worse. Over the years, ourContinue reading “Products We Use: Cleaning”

Skip the Box Pizza Delivery! Make six low-waste pizza crusts to freeze and use anytime

Pizza delivery is wasteful (the driving, the packaging) and expensive. Keep pizza easy and fun with this six crust recipe. It’s much healthier than restaurant pizza and just as good (my daughters think it’s better). Freeze five crusts and you’ll have easy dinners right at your fingertips. Why is this pizza low waste? We buyContinue reading “Skip the Box Pizza Delivery! Make six low-waste pizza crusts to freeze and use anytime”

1000 Hours Update and Planning for Summer

As I’ve mentioned before, and could have likely predicted, we’ve lost count of our 1000 hours over here. However, like many of you, our family has been spending way more time outside now that the weather is nicer. We are gardening, nature walking, playing in the yard and pretty soon swimming at our local poolContinue reading “1000 Hours Update and Planning for Summer”

How to STAY COOL this summer without AC

Summer weather is on its way. Instead of heading down the slippery slope of air conditioning your home (once you pop those units in for the first 90 degree day, they tend to stay on all summer), try these age-old and remarkably effective methods instead. Work with the natural rhythm of the summer day andContinue reading “How to STAY COOL this summer without AC”

Five Questions With Jenny Humphries of Mr Fox Composting

If you’ve been a longtime reader of GreenLifeNH, then you know I’m a strong believer in composting. Food waste accounts for a large part of landfill space and composting is a free/cheap and easy way to avoid this trash. However sometimes composting just isn’t possible due to various factors. For example, much to my dismay,Continue reading “Five Questions With Jenny Humphries of Mr Fox Composting”

My Low Waste Morning Routine

It occurred to me it might help to see how some of these low-waste behaviors fit together in a normal day, so today I’m going to share my morning routine. Striving for a low waste lifestyle is a matter of changing small habits, products, and behaviors over time. I didn’t wake up one morning andContinue reading “My Low Waste Morning Routine”

May’s Zero Waste Wins and Struggles

Somehow it’s May and we’re already nearing the end of the school year. It’s been quite the ride, correct? Yet the days move forward, the seasons change and I keep working on my zero-waste lifestyle in order to help the Earth. Like I always say, small actions add up to big ones. Every little bitContinue reading “May’s Zero Waste Wins and Struggles”

The Battle of Green Desert has begun

It’s time to man your battle stations against the most insidious enemy you never knew you had. It’s time to stop aiding and abetting the enemy. Don’t let the Green Desert continue to spread across New Hampshire. Seize the Day! The good news is this may be the easiest battle you’ve ever fought because allContinue reading “The Battle of Green Desert has begun”