It’s Burger Night! Hold the beef, please.

There are lots of burger alternatives out there, but there is really nothing compared with a freshly made, delicious, and healthy burger that the kids love and makes great leftovers. Think I’m dreaming? It took us awhile, but we finally found the perfect burger recipe in The High Protein Vegetarian Cookbook. Not only does theContinue reading “It’s Burger Night! Hold the beef, please.”

What’s Bringing You Joy in January?

Rachel: Inauguration Day! Without getting too much into politics, there is much to celebrate today. My two daughters get to watch the first woman and person of color become our Vice President. Joseph Biden has worked in public service for over forty years and will try to unite the country. Our environment also receives aContinue reading “What’s Bringing You Joy in January?”

Who’s paying for your burger?

Meat and dairy production accounts for around 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. – CarbonBrief The United States Department of Agriculture’s guideline for a healthy diet is illustrated with a plate divided into fourths. The largest portions on the plate are fruits and vegetables; next comes grains; and, lastly, proteins. The USDA lists the following foods asContinue reading “Who’s paying for your burger?”

In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr Day

I’ve been thinking about how best to honor this day on GreenLifeNH and decided to focus on environmental racism. It’s no secret that people of color and and lower income communities experience higher rates of pollution and other climate change effects than upper-income, white localities. One only needs to look at the Flint Water Crisis,Continue reading “In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr Day”

Friday Links Around the Web

How was everyone’s week? Hannah and I took a peaceful walk, where she introduced me to Yak Tracks. These little slip-ons made such a difference and allow you to walk in the icy woods during the winter. I was so impressed. My family also had a Covid scare in our community, which thankfully turned outContinue reading “Friday Links Around the Web”

My Top Five Cookbooks, plus one bonus

Let me preface this post by saying I am not an amazing cook. I am not a foodie. I do not pretend to be an expert on cookbooks. But I do know what I like and these cookbooks have been my go-tos for years now. I wholeheartedly recommend them. Two of these cookbooks are vegan;Continue reading “My Top Five Cookbooks, plus one bonus”

Five Questions With Stephanie Zydenbos of Micro Mama’s

I was first introduced to Micro Mama’s products via the Hot Bar at the Concord CO-OP. My younger daughter and I would go weekly and fill our plates with her various delicacies. We especially loved the beets and my then 4 year old would specifically ask for them. Last month, Stephanie and I both commentedContinue reading “Five Questions With Stephanie Zydenbos of Micro Mama’s”

Vegetarian Cookbooks Owned by a Meat-Eater

If you’ve been following Hannah’s awesome 12 eco-resolutions, you know that reducing your meat intake is first on the list. For reasons as to why this move is needed, you can refer to these books. I recognize some people can’t go fully-vegetarian for health reasons (celiac or similar conditions), but most of us can affordContinue reading “Vegetarian Cookbooks Owned by a Meat-Eater”