Zero-Waste: Is That A Helpful Term?

The other day, our kids were at school, so my husband and I took a rare walk just the two of us. Like many couples these days, our conversation turned to current events and the upcoming election. We discussed climate change and the need for the United States to re-join the Paris Climate Agreement. HeContinue reading “Zero-Waste: Is That A Helpful Term?”

Products We Use: Crayola

Dear Readers, I am a homeschooling mom of three (thanks, COVID) and I have an embarrassing array of markers, colored pencils, and crayons for my kids to choose from. This is partially because my mom passed on all my childhood art supplies (yes, she saved them) and partially because I love art supplies and, beforeContinue reading “Products We Use: Crayola”

Guest Post! Foraging Fungi in NH Forests

Hannah Kivikoski has been a nature enthusiast and animal lover since childhood. She explored the American outdoors with her mother, driving and camping across the country. Now, with her husband, two sons, one dog, three cats, four chickens, one bunny, and a bucket of worms, she works on introducing nature into her suburban NH neighborhood.Continue reading “Guest Post! Foraging Fungi in NH Forests”

Halloween Costumes that will please your kids and the planet

It’s that time again! I love Halloween. It’s so much fun to watch children transform into the stuff of fairy tales, myths, and yes, even Disney movies and video games. For that one night they get to be whoever they want and, hidden behind masks, traipse from house to house in their neighborhood knocking onContinue reading “Halloween Costumes that will please your kids and the planet”

What Happened This Week?

Fall is in the air! I’ve pulled out the warmer coats and soups are starting to simmer on the stove. Used local leeks and potatoes to make this favorite for dinner this week. In the meantime, the election is imminent! Let’s see how politics affect the environment. Plus some other fun links to share. RecyclingContinue reading “What Happened This Week?”

Build your Eco-Hygge Survival Kit Now!

While I would argue that we never need AC in New Hampshire, heating our houses to at least 55 degrees in the Winter is usually a must so that pipes (and people) don’t freeze. But how can we keep ourselves comfortable and even cozy without turning up the thermostat? The answer, I think, is eco-hygge.Continue reading “Build your Eco-Hygge Survival Kit Now!”

Guest Post! What is your Household Carbon Footprint? And What Can You Do About It?

Today we have a guest post from our friend and fellow Concord resident Jessica Forrest! Jessica has developed tools for companies to measure and reduce their environmental impacts, and has worked with her city of Concord, New Hampshire on carbon footprinting and strategic planning relative to their ambitious 100% renewable energy and emissions reductions goals. Continue reading “Guest Post! What is your Household Carbon Footprint? And What Can You Do About It?”

Scenes From Our Fall Weekend

Before our big nationwide “stay-in” began, I was ironically working on staying home more often and making less plans. I used to be someone who ran around A LOT. I packed our schedule and was always rushing from point a to point b. For me, no plans meant boredom, especially when I had very smallContinue reading “Scenes From Our Fall Weekend”