Build your Eco-Hygge Survival Kit Now!

While I would argue that we never need AC in New Hampshire, heating our houses to at least 55 degrees in the Winter is usually a must so that pipes (and people) don’t freeze. But how can we keep ourselves comfortable and even cozy without turning up the thermostat? The answer, I think, is eco-hygge.Continue reading “Build your Eco-Hygge Survival Kit Now!”

Guest Post! What is your Household Carbon Footprint? And What Can You Do About It?

Today we have a guest post from our friend and fellow Concord resident Jessica Forrest! Jessica has developed tools for companies to measure and reduce their environmental impacts, and has worked with her city of Concord, New Hampshire on carbon footprinting and strategic planning relative to their ambitious 100% renewable energy and emissions reductions goals. Continue reading “Guest Post! What is your Household Carbon Footprint? And What Can You Do About It?”

Scenes From Our Fall Weekend

Before our big nationwide “stay-in” began, I was ironically working on staying home more often and making less plans. I used to be someone who ran around A LOT. I packed our schedule and was always rushing from point a to point b. For me, no plans meant boredom, especially when I had very smallContinue reading “Scenes From Our Fall Weekend”

What Happened This Week?

Happy October! If you’ve been following our Instagram, you’ll see I dove into the season this week and treated my family to some very “Fall” things like our favorite local whoopie pie and traditional NH flowers. Fewer things make me happier than flowers – they are inexpensive, feel like a treat, add beauty to one’sContinue reading “What Happened This Week?”

Products We Use: Pact

On GreenLifeNH, I’ve written about the benefits of buying used clothing (especially for my kids who are constantly growing!). However sometimes there are certain items you’d rather not buy used, such as underwear. Enter Pact. I recently purchased a few items from them and have been pleased, however I wasn’t planning to share with youContinue reading “Products We Use: Pact”

Earth Jams for the Kids

Matt Loosigian’s album, Hungry for the Sun, is just the right mix of fun and educational. Kids learn about important environmental topics – recycling, energy use, composting, and habitats – through Matt’s excellent lyrics and classic blues, rock, and reggae music. It is one of the few made-for-kids albums that I actually enjoy listening toContinue reading “Earth Jams for the Kids”

Respect Your Things

The other day, while I listened to Laura Knoy discuss Zero Waste with her guests, the panelists talked about the important Rs – reduce, reuse, refuse and recycle. They also introduced two new ones that I hadn’t heard – repair and rot (compost). Well today I’d like to add one more – respect. My husbandContinue reading “Respect Your Things”

Friday Links Around the Web (9/25/20)

Happy Friday! Can’t believe September is already on its way out. We plan to spend a lot of time outside, enjoying the fresh air before it turns cold. Hopefully it will rain soon, as the drought in New Hampshire continues. Yet there are many ways you can save water while we wait. In the meantime,Continue reading “Friday Links Around the Web (9/25/20)”

Afternoon Iced Coffee

I don’t know about you, but having two of my three children unexpectedly homeschooling this year has me lagging in the afternoons. While I should probably be doing yoga or meditating in order to pick myself up, those methods are difficult with a one-year-old, five-year-old, and seven-year-old underfoot. So I have reverted to some oldContinue reading “Afternoon Iced Coffee”