New Hampshire is in a severe drought. Here are ten things you can do about it!

According to WMUR, many areas of New Hampshire, including Merrimack county, are in a state of moderate to severe drought. With no rain in sight and officials slow to order mandatory water restrictions, it’s time we take matters into our own hands. Here is how you can conserve water at home right now (all quotesContinue reading “New Hampshire is in a severe drought. Here are ten things you can do about it!”

David Wallace-Wells “The Uninhabitable Earth”

As a lay person, I’ve been interested in the environment and climate change for about a decade. However it was a few years ago- when I watched my child pull off her coat because she was too hot to ski (it was 55 degrees on that January day) – that I became truly passionate aboutContinue reading “David Wallace-Wells “The Uninhabitable Earth””

Products We Use: Thinx

A few months ago, I posted a question on Facebook and asked friends what they were doing to change their habits and help the Earth. People listed a few things I had been doing – reducing single-use and paper products, buying more second-hand items, eating less meat – but a good friend messaged me privatelyContinue reading “Products We Use: Thinx”

New Hampshire berries in December!

BERRIES! My family is obsessed. We pick from the beginning of the summer to the end – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries. We know where all the local wild berries are and we have our favorite pick-your-own places in two counties. Summer in New Hampshire is wonderful with berries. Until, one day the bushes say toContinue reading “New Hampshire berries in December!”

Friday Links Around the Web

Is Climate Change affecting different social classes and parts of the world equally? The New York Times takes a look The NH race for governor is underway! Feltes releases a plan for clean energy NYC has paused its composting program due to Covid-19. This company is trying to offer an alternative It’s important to tryContinue reading “Friday Links Around the Web”

Five Questions with Amanda Hackett of Bona Fide Green Goods

Welcome to GreenLifeNH’s new interview series “Five Questions With…” Our first guest is Amanda Hackett of Bona Fide Green Goods in Concord, NH. For those who don’t know the store, Bona Fide is an awesome “all things zero waste” source on Main St. If you’re looking to make some environmental changes, you can find itemsContinue reading “Five Questions with Amanda Hackett of Bona Fide Green Goods”

I take out one 4-gallon trash bag every three weeks – and so can you!!

Taking out the trash does not have to be a daily – or even weekly – chore. In our house, we take out one 4-gallon trash bag (that’s the small, under-the-counter size) every three weeks*. Our trash never stinks and it is never over-flowing. Here’s how: Consume Less! The first and simplest way to avoidContinue reading “I take out one 4-gallon trash bag every three weeks – and so can you!!”