Going Green & Living Clean Quick Start Guide by Rebekah Lara

Available on her website, https://simplygreenrebekah.com/, Rebekah Lara’s e-book is a great resource for those who want to make greener, cleaner life changes, but don’t want to do all the legwork to research and find new products. Set up as a check-list, the guide walks you through swaps* for your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and cleaning suppliesContinue reading “Going Green & Living Clean Quick Start Guide by Rebekah Lara”

Friday Links Around the Web

Jane Goodall on climate change and Covid-19. How our interactions with the natural world are causing consequences and why we must change them Compost sharing in Lebanon, NH! Only three municipalities in NH offer composting programs. We can do better! While started earlier this year, “as of mid-July, the pilot program (in Lebanon) had divertedContinue reading “Friday Links Around the Web”

Covid-19 and NH’s Reusable Bag Ban

As many know, Governor Sununu banned the use of reusable bags at grocery stores at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. He believed these bags would increase virus spread and therefore felt disposable plastic bags would be safer. However now that we’re “opening back-up,” this rule has been left behind. So what can we do?Continue reading “Covid-19 and NH’s Reusable Bag Ban”

Low-Cost/Free Ways to Make Some Easy Eco-Friendly Changes

I think most people care about saving the Earth, but more pressing concerns – such as budget and convenience -can often interfere. And who can blame them? However I firmly believe that these same people would also be willing to make some changes, if it only slightly altered their budget and was easy to do.Continue reading “Low-Cost/Free Ways to Make Some Easy Eco-Friendly Changes”

Zero Waste Outdoor Activities with Kids

Did you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself with several small people this Spring and Summer? Did you immediately panic and think – what will I do with these small humans and all this time? Did you, in your panic, look up all sorts of new toys, gadgets, pools, bikes, books, and games and hit, BUYContinue reading “Zero Waste Outdoor Activities with Kids”

Eat your weeds! or When Life gives you purslane, make soup!

We should all try to eat locally. New Hampshire is awash in fresh vegetables this time of year and I hope you are enjoying local lettuce, kale, zucchini, snap peas, and all of the other abundant greens, but did you know there is food right in your backyard you can harvest for free? I’m talkingContinue reading “Eat your weeds! or When Life gives you purslane, make soup!”

Wash Your Hands

While it’s always important to wash your hands, it’s currently more necessary than ever. So what kind of hand soap do you use? From an environmental perspective, package-free bar soap is the most low-waste option. However not everyone likes bar soap and many prefer the liquid version. If you’re in this group, there are aContinue reading “Wash Your Hands”

Alternative Food Shopping During Covid-19

I’ll be honest – I haven’t stepped foot into a conventional supermarket since the beginning of March. My husband has gone a few times, and we have an exchange system with our neighbor and friends, but I’ve mostly done curbside pick-ups, CSAs and mail service. While this method is admittedly more expensive, it’s actually beenContinue reading “Alternative Food Shopping During Covid-19”