The Christmas Tree Question

Driving home from Thanksgiving at my parents’ home, I was struck by how many people were already decorating for the winter holidays. You won’t ever find our family hanging lights the day after Thanksgiving, but you will find my husband outside digging a big hole in the almost-frozen ground to prepare for Christmas. The bigContinue reading “The Christmas Tree Question”

Global News to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving

I know most of the environmental news we hear is doom and gloom. It can be hard to bear and hard to get motivated when it feels like everything we love is slipping away, BUT good things are happening out there! Good people are doing wonderful things all around the world to preserve, restore, andContinue reading “Global News to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving”

I Tried It: Second Hand October

There are many reasons why I love writing for GreenLifeNH, but one is that it pushes me to further improve my eco-habits. You can’t talk the talk if you don’t at least try to walk the walk. There are therefore a few lifestyle changes that have been propelled by this site, such as switching toContinue reading “I Tried It: Second Hand October”

A Survival Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The voices are everywhere: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming, consumers! Make sure you wake up early so you don’t miss a minute! So many deals on the newest gadget and the cutest holiday decorations. Treat yourself – you deserve it! Spoil your family and friends – they will love it! Buy! Buy! Buy!Continue reading “A Survival Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday”

November “1000 Hours Outside” Update

What is the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge? In a nutshell, the goal is to get your family outside as much as possible in order to reap the benefits of unstructured nature play. The advantages include stress reduction, physical exercise, fresh air and fun! Less screen time and more outside time! The aim is to reachContinue reading “November “1000 Hours Outside” Update”

From Pumpkin Seed to Pumpkin Pie, A lesson in patience

Pumpkin seeds are one of the last seeds to be planted in the garden. They are big ones. Very satisfying to plant. I learned a method from my neighbor in the community garden: “Dig your pumpkin a pot,” she said, “and fill it with good soil”. So we dug “pots” for four pumpkin plants thisContinue reading “From Pumpkin Seed to Pumpkin Pie, A lesson in patience”

GreenLifeNH Needs YOUR Help!

GreenLifeNH is looking to expand and cover political issues that affect the environment! Do you have a local eco-related concern or organization that needs to be spotlighted? Contact us at We will help you edit, write and then share post with our readers! We know there are so many local issues that need attentionContinue reading “GreenLifeNH Needs YOUR Help!”

Why your shopping bags (and other personal changes) matter

I’ve been noticing a lot more electric and hybrid vehicles out on the road recently. Ever since my parents bought a Prius when I was in college, I have been doing an informal tally on the percentage of eco-vehicles I see and the number is definitely the highest it’s ever been. This matters for twoContinue reading “Why your shopping bags (and other personal changes) matter”

Stop! Don’t rake those leaves!

Hi, it’s me again. Your friendly neighborhood yard specialist. Here with some more unconventional advice to make your yard greener and friendlier to your neighbors of all shapes and sizes and fur color. This summer, I mentioned some strategies to make your yard a happier place for living creatures, including planting a pollinator garden andContinue reading “Stop! Don’t rake those leaves!”

October Zero Waste Wins and Struggles

This month has been a mixed bag in terms of zero waste and environmental efforts. I think I’ve mentioned before but my schedule has gone from 0-100 in the past month, as I’m back to work, school for a mid-life career switch, raising two kids and finding time to breathe. I actually love being busyContinue reading “October Zero Waste Wins and Struggles”