I Tried It: Dairy-Free Yogurts

I had a different “I Tried It” post planned for this month, but then we had a tumultuous week (kid’s class got shut down due to Covid) and some family members were reluctant to rock the boat too much. In response, I decided to focus on hopefully painless food substitutions instead, since dairy and factoryContinue reading “I Tried It: Dairy-Free Yogurts”

In Defense of Doing Things the Hard Way

My dad, who had patiently been teaching me to drive for weeks, was finally somewhat relaxed in the passenger seat of his car for the first time. Looking out the window as we passed a local gym, he said something that has stuck with me ever since: “I’ve always thought it was funny that peopleContinue reading “In Defense of Doing Things the Hard Way”

1000 Hours Update and Mother’s Day Ideas!

Like I admitted last month, we’ve lost count over here with our 1000 hours challenge. However the weather keeps getting nicer and we consequently find ourselves naturally gravitating out of the house a bit more often and for longer stretches of time. There have obviously been a lot of downsides and tragedies with the CovidContinue reading “1000 Hours Update and Mother’s Day Ideas!”

Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial

Ditch those trashy, tasteless plastic bags and make your own fun, stylish reusable snack bags instead. Great for kids or adults, these bags can be made in any size, with any fabric. No sewing machine required (but you can use it, if you want!). STEP ONE: Choose your fabric and your pull-string. Arguably, the mostContinue reading “Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial”

Low Waste Snacking

Go to any grocery store and you will find row upon row of individually-packaged snacks. Gas stations, pharmacies, and even health food stores are fully stocked with snacks wrapped in plastic. Marketed as easier and more convenient, these snacks add so much waste to our lives and they are completely unnecessary. Many foods come unpackagedContinue reading “Low Waste Snacking”

April Zero Waste Wins and Struggles

As we’ve discussed here on the site, we’re all somewhere on our “zero-waste journey.” It’s pretty impossible to practice a perfect zero-waste lifestyle – society just doesn’t work that way – but we can all work towards making small changes and improvements towards helping the Earth. So I’ve made a decision to celebrate those accomplishmentsContinue reading “April Zero Waste Wins and Struggles”

Plant a little self-sufficiency this year

Backyard gardens and backyard chickens have had a Renaissance recently, thanks to Covid. It gives people a sense of security to know that their food is right in the backyard, not on a barge delayed from China. It was exciting to see so many new people joining the gardening community. I was surprised, however, atContinue reading “Plant a little self-sufficiency this year”

Avoiding Food Waste

Most environmentalists will tell you that food waste is one the leading contributors to climate change. Not necessarily the food itself, but the fact that it’s the item most excessively thrown into landfills. Think spoiled leftovers, rotten fruits or veggies or unopened/half eaten foods from a lunchbox. So what can we do? A few ideasContinue reading “Avoiding Food Waste”

Why is it Snowing in April?

Yesterday was Earth Day! How did you celebrate? We are going to start some seeds this weekend and stopped at our local farm for seasonal produce. While it’s fun to honor this special day, I truly believe that everyday should be Earth Day. Rather than participating in special actions on one day of the year,Continue reading “Why is it Snowing in April?”