Backyard Chickens – More than just eggs!

In April, we packed the kids into the car and headed over to Osborne’s Agway in Concord (one of my favorite places) to pick up six adorable balls of fluff, which would eventually become laying hens. Affectionately named Rufflet, Buttercup, Nita Chick, Piplup, Betty, and Cutie Pie (if you know my children, you can probablyContinue reading “Backyard Chickens – More than just eggs!”

NH EATS LOCAL KICKOFF: Eat Pancakes this Sunday!

This August, NH Food Alliance is hosting NH Eats Local Month – a whole month dedicated to celebrating the delicious food we grow and raise right here in New Hampshire. To kick off the month, they are encouraging all Granite Staters to come together to feast on pancakes with local NH syrup this Sunday, AugustContinue reading “NH EATS LOCAL KICKOFF: Eat Pancakes this Sunday!”

Has Climate Change Affected Your Life Yet?

Lately I’ve been hearing that people are rethinking their life choices and/or changing their plans in response to climate change and what lays ahead. Has this happened to you? My family’s life has been affected in small ways – vacations canceled due to extremely strong storms, flooding in our basement due to heavy January rainContinue reading “Has Climate Change Affected Your Life Yet?”

July’s Zero Waste Wins and Struggles

How has your summer been going? After a June marked by concerning heat, New Hampshire’s July has been filled with the opposite weather – lots of cooler temps and RAIN. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of the world has been experiencing a similar situation as well, especially Europe and China, which have seen record-breakingContinue reading “July’s Zero Waste Wins and Struggles”

Five Questions With Donna Miller of Petals in the Pines…

I first met Donna six years ago, when my girls and I visited Petals in the Pines for a Spread Your Wings Day. It has since become a family summer staple and we look forward to visiting every year. Donna truly has something available for all ages, and I enjoy watching my kids run freeContinue reading “Five Questions With Donna Miller of Petals in the Pines…”

Products We Use: Berkey Water Filter

Most people know that drinking safe, clean water is of paramount importance for our health, but many don’t take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their families from water contaminants. And many people drink bottled water, get water delivered, or filter their tap water through inefficient and insufficient filters into plastic containers (read: Brita).Continue reading “Products We Use: Berkey Water Filter”

I Tried It: Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tissue

Whenever I talk about switching to eco-friendlier products, toilet paper is often a hot topic. People feel quite strong about which type they use and tend to be cautious about switching. (As an aside, have you ever seen the Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry’s house guests complain about the environmental toilet paper? It’s pretty funny.)Continue reading “I Tried It: Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tissue”

Weeds and Deer and Bugs, Oh My! How to keep nature from eating your vegetable garden without using chemicals

Three days of rain followed by two days of warm sun is perfect weather for growing vegetables – and weeds. I spent a good part of yesterday over at the community garden explaining to the weeds that, while I’m happy if they want to take over my yard, I’d prefer it if they could stayContinue reading “Weeds and Deer and Bugs, Oh My! How to keep nature from eating your vegetable garden without using chemicals”