What’s Bringing You Joy in April?

RACHEL: Any rain we get! I feel like these things tend to sneak-up on us (unless you’re the type of person who meticulously tracks the weather), but New Hampshire is heading towards a drought again. It feels a bit early in the year, yet here we are. Hannah offers some great suggestions with preventative measuresContinue reading “What’s Bringing You Joy in April?”

Carbon Sequestration is the future (please read despite the boring title)

A recent headline on NPR caught my eye: Carbon Emissions Could Plummet. The Atmosphere Will Lag Behind. At first, my eye caught the words “emissions” and “plummet” in the same sentence and I got cautiously hopeful, then I saw the second clause and went back to my usual state of climate anxiety. Thanks to aContinue reading “Carbon Sequestration is the future (please read despite the boring title)”

Five Questions with Estée Cuddihy of Stitch Witch Tailoring and Alterations

Estée and I met each other through our kids and shared school community. I’ve always been interested in clothes but not great at taking proper care of them. However fast fashion and failing to mend your garments are terrible for the Earth. Let’s see how we can improve at these skills. A fun interview withContinue reading “Five Questions with Estée Cuddihy of Stitch Witch Tailoring and Alterations”

Earth Day Prep

Earth Day is one week from today and there is so much to do! Trees and flowers to buy. Organizations to research. Gloves and bags to find. Books to borrow…. You may not think of Earth Day as a holiday that requires preparation, but a successful Earth Day requires just as much forethought as anyContinue reading “Earth Day Prep”

I Tried It: Meatless Ground “Beef”

By now, we all know that eating countless amounts of meat plays a factor in climate change. Some believe that we should stop entirely and adopt vegetarian diets, while others take a more measured approach. I have tried going “cold turkey” but usually revert to meat eating ways for various reasons. That said, I’m stillContinue reading “I Tried It: Meatless Ground “Beef””

Why does it have to be so f-ing hard sometimes?

I just spent an embarrassing amount of time figuring out what to do with a bunch of empty dog food bags. I’m sharing this story because I want to illustrate how hard it can be to be low-waste in our wasteful country and because I know we, as consumers, have the power to change that.Continue reading “Why does it have to be so f-ing hard sometimes?”