Guest Post! The 45 by 2030 Pledge: Climate Change Commitment at the Household Level

Our friend, Jessica Forrest, is back! Following-up on her previous post, she imagines household level commitments on climate change… It is October, and typically there would be a buzz around the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change, in which country governments strengthen their commitments to address climate change. This year, the conference has been postponedContinue reading “Guest Post! The 45 by 2030 Pledge: Climate Change Commitment at the Household Level”

How Living Green Saves Me Green

We had an excellent comment on Rachel’s last post about how Zero Waste can seem like an elitist movement created by people who can afford to buy organic bed sheets and drive a Tesla. What if I can’t afford that $20 dish cloth or those $100 slippers? What if I don’t have a backyard forContinue reading “How Living Green Saves Me Green”

What’s Bringing You Joy in October?

It’s a tricky time in the world, but we can still find happiness! What brought you joy this October? Here are some things that made us smile: Rachel: Crispy, crunchy fall walks! We used to hustle and bustle on the weekends – running from birthday parties, errands and other responsibilities. Now that we’ve been forcedContinue reading “What’s Bringing You Joy in October?”

Zero-Waste: Is That A Helpful Term?

The other day, our kids were at school, so my husband and I took a rare walk just the two of us. Like many couples these days, our conversation turned to current events and the upcoming election. We discussed climate change and the need for the United States to re-join the Paris Climate Agreement. HeContinue reading “Zero-Waste: Is That A Helpful Term?”

Products We Use: Crayola

Dear Readers, I am a homeschooling mom of three (thanks, COVID) and I have an embarrassing array of markers, colored pencils, and crayons for my kids to choose from. This is partially because my mom passed on all my childhood art supplies (yes, she saved them) and partially because I love art supplies and, beforeContinue reading “Products We Use: Crayola”

Guest Post! Foraging Fungi in NH Forests

Hannah Kivikoski has been a nature enthusiast and animal lover since childhood. She explored the American outdoors with her mother, driving and camping across the country. Now, with her husband, two sons, one dog, three cats, four chickens, one bunny, and a bucket of worms, she works on introducing nature into her suburban NH neighborhood.Continue reading “Guest Post! Foraging Fungi in NH Forests”

Halloween Costumes that will please your kids and the planet

It’s that time again! I love Halloween. It’s so much fun to watch children transform into the stuff of fairy tales, myths, and yes, even Disney movies and video games. For that one night they get to be whoever they want and, hidden behind masks, traipse from house to house in their neighborhood knocking onContinue reading “Halloween Costumes that will please your kids and the planet”