Five Questions with Laura Johnson of Design 645

I had a fun and inspiring chat with my friend, Laura Johnson, this weekend about sustainable ways to redecorate your home using what you have, found treasures, and eco-friendly materials. Laura runs Design 645, an interior design studio based in Hopkinton, New Hampshire. You can see Laura’s work on Instagram and Facebook. I think IContinue reading “Five Questions with Laura Johnson of Design 645”

Five Questions With Stephanie Zydenbos of Micro Mama’s

I was first introduced to Micro Mama’s products via the Hot Bar at the Concord CO-OP. My younger daughter and I would go weekly and fill our plates with her various delicacies. We especially loved the beets and my then 4 year old would specifically ask for them. Last month, Stephanie and I both commentedContinue reading “Five Questions With Stephanie Zydenbos of Micro Mama’s”

Five Questions With Elyssa Alfieri of Lilise Designer Resale

Our regular series “Five Questions With…” is back this week and we are talking to Elyssa Alfieri of Lilise Designer Resale in Concord. I (Rachel) have been visiting this store for a few years and love shopping there because I can buy cute clothes for less money, support a local store that’s owned by aContinue reading “Five Questions With Elyssa Alfieri of Lilise Designer Resale”

Five Questions with Marie Davis of Hazel Moon Botanicals

Today’s “Five Questions With…” interview is with Marie Davis, the founder of Hazel Moon Botanicals. I first met Marie a couple of years ago and have been using her products ever since. My favorite is the bug spray; it’s our yearly tick-repellent and has been keeping my family safe for the past few summers. MyContinue reading “Five Questions with Marie Davis of Hazel Moon Botanicals”

Five Questions with Bret Ingold from Warner Public Market

Visiting Warner Public Market in Warner, is like going back in time. Locally grown food, locally made crafts and goods, and neighbors with friendly smiles greet you inside. Nestled in the heart of downtown Warner, the market has quickly become an important part of the idyllic town, which is easily found right off exit 9Continue reading “Five Questions with Bret Ingold from Warner Public Market”

Five Questions with Amanda Hackett of Bona Fide Green Goods

Welcome to GreenLifeNH’s new interview series “Five Questions With…” Our first guest is Amanda Hackett of Bona Fide Green Goods in Concord, NH. For those who don’t know the store, Bona Fide is an awesome “all things zero waste” source on Main St. If you’re looking to make some environmental changes, you can find itemsContinue reading “Five Questions with Amanda Hackett of Bona Fide Green Goods”

Five Questions with Susan Varn

Susan Varn, aside from being my mother and a wonderful human being, is a community member who cares deeply about her impact on the Earth, both near and far. She picks up trash on the side of the road; she reports invasive species sightings; and, when she found out her home’s carbon footprint was aContinue reading “Five Questions with Susan Varn”

Pretend Soup and Salad People by Mollie Katzen and Ann Henderson

Want to raise vegetarian children who love cooking and eat their vegetables? These two books are just what you need! Full of fun and inventive recipes, they make cooking easy with step-by-step pictures that even non-readers can follow (there is also an adult version of each recipe). All the recipes are vegetarian, which makes choosingContinue reading “Pretend Soup and Salad People by Mollie Katzen and Ann Henderson”

The Joy of Less by Francine Jay

The Joy of Less: A Minimalist’s Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify is not just an awesome guide to simplifying your home (who doesn’t need that?!), it is also a good introduction to why our consumer culture is unsustainable. In chapters like “The Greater Good” and “Live Simply”, Jay reminds us that everything we bringContinue reading “The Joy of Less by Francine Jay”