Products We Use: Compostable Sponges

An easy, breezy post for this wintry Thursday… It’s personally very hard for me to find items that fit all three of these categories: environmentally friendly, effective and affordable. Usually I’m only able to win with two of out the three (a lot of environmentally friendly items aren’t the cheapest) but these sponges fit theContinue reading “Products We Use: Compostable Sponges”

ACT NOW: Support the Local Food for Local Schools Program TOMORROW!

It’s a win, win, win! The┬áLocal Food for Local Schools Reimbursement program (HB 1657) will help schools pay New Hampshire farmers and producers for New Hampshire made and grown food to serve as breakfast and lunch for New Hampshire students. It’s good for our farmers, who will have a stable market for their produce. It’sContinue reading “ACT NOW: Support the Local Food for Local Schools Program TOMORROW!”

My Green Resolutions for 2022

Each new year is a new chance for us to recommit to the planet. Last year I shared twelve resolutions, one for each month. Some of those resolutions, like eating vegetarian, avoiding disposables, growing my own food, reducing my waste, and staying local have been part of my life for a long time. Weatherizing myContinue reading “My Green Resolutions for 2022”

Wishing You a Cozy Holiday Week

Friends, how will you spending the holidays this year? I hope you’re able to take some time to rest, relax and recharge. Maybe that means skiing, sledding, snow-shoeing, subway riding or snuggling by the fire. It’s been quite the year and I hope you’re able to do whatever brings you joy. Hannah and I willContinue reading “Wishing You a Cozy Holiday Week”

Happy Solstice! Winter Tips, Tricks, and a Warm Soup Recipe

Happy winter, everyone! It’s really nice to have snow again on the winter solstice and maybe we’ll still have some for Christmas on Saturday. As New Hampshire warms (faster than most states), this may not always be the case, so let’s enjoy it while we have it! Now, for a few eco-tips about winter: StillContinue reading “Happy Solstice! Winter Tips, Tricks, and a Warm Soup Recipe”

December’s Zero Waste Wins and Struggles

Don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving through January tends to be super busy for my family. Yes, there are “the holidays” but both of my children also have their birthdays in December and January, and we always make sure they get their fair share of celebrating and adoration. So this time of year involves lostContinue reading “December’s Zero Waste Wins and Struggles”

Our 100 Day Wool Dress Challenge

For the past week, my six-year-old daughter and I have each been wearing the same dress. Both are long-sleeved with great pockets. Hers is a bluish gray. Mine is a bright teal blue. We love them so far, which is good, because we will be wearing them for the next 90 days! The 100 DayContinue reading “Our 100 Day Wool Dress Challenge”

“That’s not yogurt either” and other funny stories from my low-waste life

Whenever two cultures collide, there are bound to be some funny and awkward stories and low waste culture and standard American culture are no exceptions. I’ve had some really unpleasant experiences where people were rude, ignorant, or insulting, but for the most part, people are just kind of bewildered and curious about my low-waste lifestyle.Continue reading ““That’s not yogurt either” and other funny stories from my low-waste life”

The Christmas Tree Question

Driving home from Thanksgiving at my parents’ home, I was struck by how many people were already decorating for the winter holidays. You won’t ever find our family hanging lights the day after Thanksgiving, but you will find my husband outside digging a big hole in the almost-frozen ground to prepare for Christmas. The bigContinue reading “The Christmas Tree Question”

Global News to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving

I know most of the environmental news we hear is doom and gloom. It can be hard to bear and hard to get motivated when it feels like everything we love is slipping away, BUT good things are happening out there! Good people are doing wonderful things all around the world to preserve, restore, andContinue reading “Global News to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving”