Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial

Ditch those trashy, tasteless plastic bags and make your own fun, stylish reusable snack bags instead. Great for kids or adults, these bags can be made in any size, with any fabric. No sewing machine required (but you can use it, if you want!). STEP ONE: Choose your fabric and your pull-string. Arguably, the mostContinue reading “Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial”

Low Waste Snacking

Go to any grocery store and you will find row upon row of individually-packaged snacks. Gas stations, pharmacies, and even health food stores are fully stocked with snacks wrapped in plastic. Marketed as easier and more convenient, these snacks add so much waste to our lives and they are completely unnecessary. Many foods come unpackagedContinue reading “Low Waste Snacking”

Plant a little self-sufficiency this year

Backyard gardens and backyard chickens have had a Renaissance recently, thanks to Covid. It gives people a sense of security to know that their food is right in the backyard, not on a barge delayed from China. It was exciting to see so many new people joining the gardening community. I was surprised, however, atContinue reading “Plant a little self-sufficiency this year”

What’s Bringing You Joy in April?

RACHEL: Any rain we get! I feel like these things tend to sneak-up on us (unless you’re the type of person who meticulously tracks the weather), but New Hampshire is heading towards a drought again. It feels a bit early in the year, yet here we are. Hannah offers some great suggestions with preventative measuresContinue reading “What’s Bringing You Joy in April?”

Earth Day Prep

Earth Day is one week from today and there is so much to do! Trees and flowers to buy. Organizations to research. Gloves and bags to find. Books to borrow…. You may not think of Earth Day as a holiday that requires preparation, but a successful Earth Day requires just as much forethought as anyContinue reading “Earth Day Prep”

Be the Change – Join these two challenges today!

The family and I have been working hard this spring on our new Square Foot Garden (post on that to follow). Our goal is to plant salad green and snack foods close at hand so we don’t have to bike to our community garden every time we want a snap pea or cherry tomato. WeContinue reading “Be the Change – Join these two challenges today!”

My Low Waste Breakfast – An introduction to bulk buying

Chances are you, like me, eat the same thing for breakfast most mornings. For my family, it’s oatmeal. Big hearty bowls of oatmeal, flavored with peanut butter, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, and a splash of maple syrup. When berries, apples, peaches, and other fruits are in season, we add those too. In order toContinue reading “My Low Waste Breakfast – An introduction to bulk buying”

Green your Shaving Routine

Daily habits – like shaving – can be hugely wasteful. Each year, people go through can after can of shaving cream or gel, tons of disposable razors and/or disposable blades, and bottles of aftershave and lotion. But shaving, like your other daily habits, doesn’t need to be wasteful! Here are some products, tips, and tricksContinue reading “Green your Shaving Routine”

Maple Syrup is on tap at Kearsarge Gore Farm

When I texted my friend Sarah Hansen, of Kearsarge Gore Farm, last week to see if I could come learn about maple sugaring and take some pictures of the process, her response was enthusiastic: “Yes! The weather is A+++ next week.” When we arrived at the farm in Warner, everyone was busy, busy, busy. “It’sContinue reading “Maple Syrup is on tap at Kearsarge Gore Farm”