Easy Less-Waste Bathroom Swaps

I’ve been trying to decrease my waste for a few years now and have found it most difficult to change my grooming habits. Maybe it’s vanity, or my affinity towards certain products for certain reasons, but I can’t let go of my favorite shampoos or face creams. Perfect “zero-wasters” lather up with coconut oil andContinue reading “Easy Less-Waste Bathroom Swaps”

Products We Use: Reusable Ziplock Bags

Until a couple years ago, I kept a box of ziplock bags in my pantry for three purposes*: freezing berries, freezing soups and other meals, and storing homemade bread. After I had used a bag, I would wash it, dry it, and reuse it until it stopped working. I usually got three to five usesContinue reading “Products We Use: Reusable Ziplock Bags”

How Living Green Saves Me Green

We had an excellent comment on Rachel’s last post about how Zero Waste can seem like an elitist movement created by people who can afford to buy organic bed sheets and drive a Tesla. What if I can’t afford that $20 dish cloth or those $100 slippers? What if I don’t have a backyard forContinue reading “How Living Green Saves Me Green”

Products We Use: Crayola

Dear Readers, I am a homeschooling mom of three (thanks, COVID) and I have an embarrassing array of markers, colored pencils, and crayons for my kids to choose from. This is partially because my mom passed on all my childhood art supplies (yes, she saved them) and partially because I love art supplies and, beforeContinue reading “Products We Use: Crayola”

Build your Eco-Hygge Survival Kit Now!

While I would argue that we never need AC in New Hampshire, heating our houses to at least 55 degrees in the Winter is usually a must so that pipes (and people) don’t freeze. But how can we keep ourselves comfortable and even cozy without turning up the thermostat? The answer, I think, is eco-hygge.Continue reading “Build your Eco-Hygge Survival Kit Now!”

Products We Use: Pact

On GreenLifeNH, I’ve written about the benefits of buying used clothing (especially for my kids who are constantly growing!). However sometimes there are certain items you’d rather not buy used, such as underwear. Enter Pact. I recently purchased a few items from them and have been pleased, however I wasn’t planning to share with youContinue reading “Products We Use: Pact”

A Guide to Eco Hydration

We hear a lot about ethical and sustainable eating, but drinking often takes a back seat. Not today. Let’s focus on how to hydrate sustainably. FOR EVERYDAY HYDRATION, CHOOSE WATER. Water is the easiest, most environmentally-friendly, and healthiest choice for hydration. With a little extra filtration, we can drink it right out of our sinks,Continue reading “A Guide to Eco Hydration”

Products We Use: Cast Iron Cookware

As an environmentalist, I always ask myself the following questions when I choose to buy something, especially when I am buying something brand new from a store (which doesn’t happen often): What is this product made of? Is it made from natural, renewable material? Is this product made of materials that won’t harm my familyContinue reading “Products We Use: Cast Iron Cookware”