NH EATS LOCAL KICKOFF: Eat Pancakes this Sunday!

This August, NH Food Alliance is hosting NH Eats Local Month – a whole month dedicated to celebrating the delicious food we grow and raise right here in New Hampshire. To kick off the month, they are encouraging all Granite Staters to come together to feast on pancakes with local NH syrup this Sunday, AugustContinue reading “NH EATS LOCAL KICKOFF: Eat Pancakes this Sunday!”

Products We Use: Berkey Water Filter

Most people know that drinking safe, clean water is of paramount importance for our health, but many don’t take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their families from water contaminants. And many people drink bottled water, get water delivered, or filter their tap water through inefficient and insufficient filters into plastic containers (read: Brita).Continue reading “Products We Use: Berkey Water Filter”

I Tried It: Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tissue

Whenever I talk about switching to eco-friendlier products, toilet paper is often a hot topic. People feel quite strong about which type they use and tend to be cautious about switching. (As an aside, have you ever seen the Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry’s house guests complain about the environmental toilet paper? It’s pretty funny.)Continue reading “I Tried It: Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tissue”

Weeds and Deer and Bugs, Oh My! How to keep nature from eating your vegetable garden without using chemicals

Three days of rain followed by two days of warm sun is perfect weather for growing vegetables – and weeds. I spent a good part of yesterday over at the community garden explaining to the weeds that, while I’m happy if they want to take over my yard, I’d prefer it if they could stayContinue reading “Weeds and Deer and Bugs, Oh My! How to keep nature from eating your vegetable garden without using chemicals”

Sustainable Swaps for Awesome Summer Fun

Last year around this time, I wrote a post called Zero Waste Outdoor Activities with Kids, all about getting back to nature and simple old-fashioned summer fun. I focused on classic children’s activities like building bird houses, forts, and fairy houses, hiking, biking, and swimming, and I believe I even suggested you dust off yourContinue reading “Sustainable Swaps for Awesome Summer Fun”

Products We Use: Souper Cubes

I am all about eating healthy, home-cooked meals, but I am not all about cooking every day. Or every other day. So I buy (and grow) ingredients in bulk and cook them in bulk so I can just reach into the freezer for a pizza crust, some curry, cookies, muffins, or soup. We eat lotsContinue reading “Products We Use: Souper Cubes”

Products We Use: Cleaning

True or false – a few months ago, before I started the bi-weekly cleaning of our bathrooms, I said “I’d rather be giving birth.” The answer is true. While I realize that’s dramatic, that’s how much I hate these types of chores. But I still clean because the alternative is worse. Over the years, ourContinue reading “Products We Use: Cleaning”

Skip the Box Pizza Delivery! Make six low-waste pizza crusts to freeze and use anytime

Pizza delivery is wasteful (the driving, the packaging) and expensive. Keep pizza easy and fun with this six crust recipe. It’s much healthier than restaurant pizza and just as good (my daughters think it’s better). Freeze five crusts and you’ll have easy dinners right at your fingertips. Why is this pizza low waste? We buyContinue reading “Skip the Box Pizza Delivery! Make six low-waste pizza crusts to freeze and use anytime”

My Low Waste Morning Routine

It occurred to me it might help to see how some of these low-waste behaviors fit together in a normal day, so today I’m going to share my morning routine. Striving for a low waste lifestyle is a matter of changing small habits, products, and behaviors over time. I didn’t wake up one morning andContinue reading “My Low Waste Morning Routine”