What Does Texas Tell Us About Our Future?

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the incredible photos coming out of Texas due to icestorms, freezing temperatures, loss of heat and undrinkable water. People were being told to boil their water before drinking but couldn’t do that because they had no electricity or gas to turn on the stove. I don’t need to tellContinue reading “What Does Texas Tell Us About Our Future?”

Do You Participate in Politics?

(Short on time? Skip down to the “Action Here” section.) I was never a hugely political person. Sure, I always voted (anyone else get teary as they “pull the lever”?) and knew who the major players were, but I rarely paid attention to the day-to-day workings. Until November 2016 happened. I remember watching the newsContinue reading “Do You Participate in Politics?”

Right to REPAIR! Make your voice heard TODAY!

***Short on time? Skip right to the ACTION HERE paragraph to learn how to voice your opinion tomorrow! A few years ago, my iPhone stopped charging. It was a very old phone (inherited from my mom) and I suspected the battery might have died. I brought it into Best Buy, waited in the Geek line,Continue reading “Right to REPAIR! Make your voice heard TODAY!”

Save our Marsh! Attend the Concord Hearing TODAY

We received an email yesterday from a reader letting us know that the Hoit Road Marsh Wildlife Management Area in Concord is in danger. NH House Bill 571 seeks to repeal recent prohibition of OHRV use on the Marsh, opening the vulnerable ecosystem up to motorcycles and other motorized vehicles. There will be a hearing on HBContinue reading “Save our Marsh! Attend the Concord Hearing TODAY”

Dreaming of Spring: Planning your 2021 Garden

This Monday was Imbolc, a Pagan celebration marking the midpoint between deep winter and first spring. At Imbolc, I always try to sort through my seeds from last year, check over my garden maps, and start dreaming of spring. For some of you, gardening may be old hat and you may already be pouring overContinue reading “Dreaming of Spring: Planning your 2021 Garden”