ACT NOW: Support the Local Food for Local Schools Program TOMORROW!

It’s a win, win, win! The┬áLocal Food for Local Schools Reimbursement program (HB 1657) will help schools pay New Hampshire farmers and producers for New Hampshire made and grown food to serve as breakfast and lunch for New Hampshire students. It’s good for our farmers, who will have a stable market for their produce. It’sContinue reading “ACT NOW: Support the Local Food for Local Schools Program TOMORROW!”

My Green Resolutions for 2022

Each new year is a new chance for us to recommit to the planet. Last year I shared twelve resolutions, one for each month. Some of those resolutions, like eating vegetarian, avoiding disposables, growing my own food, reducing my waste, and staying local have been part of my life for a long time. Weatherizing myContinue reading “My Green Resolutions for 2022”

GreenLifeNH Needs YOUR Help!

GreenLifeNH is looking to expand and cover political issues that affect the environment! Do you have a local eco-related concern or organization that needs to be spotlighted? Contact us at We will help you edit, write and then share post with our readers! We know there are so many local issues that need attentionContinue reading “GreenLifeNH Needs YOUR Help!”

Five Questions with Stacey Brown, Concord City Council Candidate

I first met Stacey a few years ago in a typical Concord fashion – our daughters were playing with a group of kids at the neighborhood playground. Fast forward to this year, and we ran into her again, this time picking walnuts from a tree in order to make a liqueur. I was so intriguedContinue reading “Five Questions with Stacey Brown, Concord City Council Candidate”

Invasives are Everywhere! How can YOU help NH?!

This fall, I am participating in the UNH Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardener Program and I am absolutely loving it. This week one of the sessions was on invasive species in New Hampshire and I was astonished to learn that many of the plants and trees I see on a daily basis are not only invasive,Continue reading “Invasives are Everywhere! How can YOU help NH?!”

Has Climate Change Affected Your Life Yet?

Lately I’ve been hearing that people are rethinking their life choices and/or changing their plans in response to climate change and what lays ahead. Has this happened to you? My family’s life has been affected in small ways – vacations canceled due to extremely strong storms, flooding in our basement due to heavy January rainContinue reading “Has Climate Change Affected Your Life Yet?”

1000 Hours and Other Updates

Now that summer is in full-swing, it’s obviously super easy to get outside. Not all days are perfect – it’s raining cats and dogs here today and I assured my children that I wouldn’t force them outdoors in this weather (though there is an argument for that type of thinking). If you consider days likeContinue reading “1000 Hours and Other Updates”

The Battle of Green Desert has begun

It’s time to man your battle stations against the most insidious enemy you never knew you had. It’s time to stop aiding and abetting the enemy. Don’t let the Green Desert continue to spread across New Hampshire. Seize the Day! The good news is this may be the easiest battle you’ve ever fought because allContinue reading “The Battle of Green Desert has begun”

Why is it Snowing in April?

Yesterday was Earth Day! How did you celebrate? We are going to start some seeds this weekend and stopped at our local farm for seasonal produce. While it’s fun to honor this special day, I truly believe that everyday should be Earth Day. Rather than participating in special actions on one day of the year,Continue reading “Why is it Snowing in April?”