Products We Use: Organic Cotton

We buy most of our clothing used from local shops or from online retailers, but there are some things I just can’t bring myself to buy used. Masks, underwear, bras, pajamas, socks, towels, and sheets are the obvious ones for me. All of these fabrics touch our bodies up close and personal and I’m justContinue reading “Products We Use: Organic Cotton”

Don’t Forget to Plant your Garlic on Halloween!

When I started growing my own food, I didn’t realize how easy it would be to be totally self-sufficient in some staple crops. No, we’re not even close to self-sufficient in potatoes or beans, but we’re getting closer with tomatoes and peppers. We have been able to grow and store all the butternut squash andContinue reading “Don’t Forget to Plant your Garlic on Halloween!”

Invasives are Everywhere! How can YOU help NH?!

This fall, I am participating in the UNH Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardener Program and I am absolutely loving it. This week one of the sessions was on invasive species in New Hampshire and I was astonished to learn that many of the plants and trees I see on a daily basis are not only invasive,Continue reading “Invasives are Everywhere! How can YOU help NH?!”

Why I grow my own food

In a world where I can drive ten minutes to the grocery store and buy perfectly clean, spot-free tomatoes and bright green, uniformly-sized greens, and scrubbed, spotless potatoes for less than $20, why did I just spend an hour bent over my garden, hands in the dirt, to harvest funny-shaped, nibbled tomatoes, greens, and potatoesContinue reading “Why I grow my own food”

My Five Favorite Gardening Books

I have been growing vegetables for six years now. Each year I gather a bigger, better harvest and feel more confident in my abilities, but I still have SO MUCH to learn. Luckily, there are hundreds of gardening books available to help me. Here are my five favorite books: Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardening Handbook by RonContinue reading “My Five Favorite Gardening Books”

Back to School Products We Use

It’s that time of year again! Time to pack up the dear children and send them back to school. When I was a kid, that always meant a trip to the mall for back to school clothes, shoes, and sometimes even a new backpack or lunchbox. Then we’d head to Staples for all new schoolContinue reading “Back to School Products We Use”

Fun Recipes for Eating Local in August

It’s August in New Hampshire. Gardens are overflowing with fresh, local vegetables and fruits; chickens are laying lots of eggs and cows are giving lots of milk; orchards and berry bushes are laden with fruits. It’s a wonderful time to be a Granite Stater! I’ve included breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert ideas to get yourContinue reading “Fun Recipes for Eating Local in August”

Backyard Chickens – More than just eggs!

In April, we packed the kids into the car and headed over to Osborne’s Agway in Concord (one of my favorite places) to pick up six adorable balls of fluff, which would eventually become laying hens. Affectionately named Rufflet, Buttercup, Nita Chick, Piplup, Betty, and Cutie Pie (if you know my children, you can probablyContinue reading “Backyard Chickens – More than just eggs!”

NH EATS LOCAL KICKOFF: Eat Pancakes this Sunday!

This August, NH Food Alliance is hosting NH Eats Local Month – a whole month dedicated to celebrating the delicious food we grow and raise right here in New Hampshire. To kick off the month, they are encouraging all Granite Staters to come together to feast on pancakes with local NH syrup this Sunday, AugustContinue reading “NH EATS LOCAL KICKOFF: Eat Pancakes this Sunday!”