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Who’s paying for your burger?

Meat and dairy production accounts for around 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. – CarbonBrief The United States Department of Agriculture’s guideline for a healthy diet is illustrated with a plate divided into fourths. The largest portions on the plate are fruits and vegetables; next comes grains; and, lastly, proteins. The USDA lists the following foods asContinue reading “Who’s paying for your burger?”

Eco-Laundry 101

Want to green your laundry routine? You’re in the right place. We’re going to start at the clothing store and make our way through the hamper, into the washer, and onto the clothesline as sustainably as we can, choosing products that reduce waste and still get the job done. Ready? Here we go! Reduce yourContinue reading “Eco-Laundry 101”

1000 Hours Outside

It’s a new year and many of us have resolutions, special words or goals that we want to meet. Some of my personal ones are to listen better, interrupt less, practice more yoga and eat less meat. Hannah has started an awesome series here on GreenLifeNH, where you can set a new eco-resolution for eachContinue reading “1000 Hours Outside”

Do You Know How to Sew?

Happy Solstice! How will you be celebrating? I shared a little bit about what my family does on this day, but I hope you enjoy your own traditions too. Plus, if you’re looking for a special light show tonight, head outside. On Friday, I shared on our Instagram that our old duvet accidentally ripped andContinue reading “Do You Know How to Sew?”

Guest Post! Pandemic Winter With Kids: It’s for the Birds

Today we have a guest post from my new friend, Alyssa Walker! Alyssa and I recently met through our children and have enjoyed some outdoor adventures together. Today she’s offering a safe and fun way to spend time outdoors with your kids! – Rachel We typically love winter at my house: lots of skiing, snowshoeing,Continue reading “Guest Post! Pandemic Winter With Kids: It’s for the Birds”

Hannah’s Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to give friends and family this year? Hoping to give wonderful gifts AND stay true to your low-waste and low-impact lifestyle? If you haven’t yet, check out Rachel’s guide. Here are some suggestions to spark the green glow in anyone. But first, a general guide for gift-giving: Experiences! There are literally unlimited onlineContinue reading “Hannah’s Holiday Gift Guide”

Put On Your Yarmulke, It’s Time For Hanukkah…

There are a lot of posts about zero-waste Christmas trees appearing online this time of year. Those are super helpful, but what about the other holidays? For example, Hanukkah starts tomorrow night, and I thought it’d be fun to talk about those traditions as well. Especially since my favorite one includes seasonal food! For thoseContinue reading “Put On Your Yarmulke, It’s Time For Hanukkah…”

For the Birds

One of our goals in our new house is to create a backyard habitat for birds, butterflies, and bees. I am going to be using this article as my inspiration this Spring and Summer, but for now we are focused on the birds. Unfortunately, our new yard has only two young trees, too small toContinue reading “For the Birds”

Our New Clothesline!

If you are an avid follower of this website (and I hope you are!), you will know that upon re-reading How Bad are Bananas by Mike Berners-Lee, I was reminded that drying your clothes in a dryer is a huge waste of electricity. We’ve always tried to reduce the amount of laundry we do byContinue reading “Our New Clothesline!”

Guest Post! The 45 by 2030 Pledge: Climate Change Commitment at the Household Level

Our friend, Jessica Forrest, is back! Following-up on her previous post, she imagines household level commitments on climate change… It is October, and typically there would be a buzz around the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change, in which country governments strengthen their commitments to address climate change. This year, the conference has been postponedContinue reading “Guest Post! The 45 by 2030 Pledge: Climate Change Commitment at the Household Level”

Products We Use: Crayola

Dear Readers, I am a homeschooling mom of three (thanks, COVID) and I have an embarrassing array of markers, colored pencils, and crayons for my kids to choose from. This is partially because my mom passed on all my childhood art supplies (yes, she saved them) and partially because I love art supplies and, beforeContinue reading “Products We Use: Crayola”

Guest Post! What is your Household Carbon Footprint? And What Can You Do About It?

Today we have a guest post from our friend and fellow Concord resident Jessica Forrest! Jessica has developed tools for companies to measure and reduce their environmental impacts, and has worked with her city of Concord, New Hampshire on carbon footprinting and strategic planning relative to their ambitious 100% renewable energy and emissions reductions goals. Continue reading “Guest Post! What is your Household Carbon Footprint? And What Can You Do About It?”

Green Your Ride

A little known fact about me, which will surprise anyone who met me after college, is that I LOVE to drive. I really love it. I love driving fast, shifting gears, and racing. My first car was a lowered Honda Civic and my first two speeding tickets were for racing other lowered Civics on smallContinue reading “Green Your Ride”

Products We Use: Pact

On GreenLifeNH, I’ve written about the benefits of buying used clothing (especially for my kids who are constantly growing!). However sometimes there are certain items you’d rather not buy used, such as underwear. Enter Pact. I recently purchased a few items from them and have been pleased, however I wasn’t planning to share with youContinue reading “Products We Use: Pact”

Earth Jams for the Kids

Matt Loosigian’s album, Hungry for the Sun, is just the right mix of fun and educational. Kids learn about important environmental topics – recycling, energy use, composting, and habitats – through Matt’s excellent lyrics and classic blues, rock, and reggae music. It is one of the few made-for-kids albums that I actually enjoy listening toContinue reading “Earth Jams for the Kids”

Respect Your Things

The other day, while I listened to Laura Knoy discuss Zero Waste with her guests, the panelists talked about the important Rs – reduce, reuse, refuse and recycle. They also introduced two new ones that I hadn’t heard – repair and rot (compost). Well today I’d like to add one more – respect. My husbandContinue reading “Respect Your Things”

Afternoon Iced Coffee

I don’t know about you, but having two of my three children unexpectedly homeschooling this year has me lagging in the afternoons. While I should probably be doing yoga or meditating in order to pick myself up, those methods are difficult with a one-year-old, five-year-old, and seven-year-old underfoot. So I have reverted to some oldContinue reading “Afternoon Iced Coffee”

A Guide to Eco Hydration

We hear a lot about ethical and sustainable eating, but drinking often takes a back seat. Not today. Let’s focus on how to hydrate sustainably. FOR EVERYDAY HYDRATION, CHOOSE WATER. Water is the easiest, most environmentally-friendly, and healthiest choice for hydration. With a little extra filtration, we can drink it right out of our sinks,Continue reading “A Guide to Eco Hydration”

What’s In Your Lunchbox?

School’s returning this week, which means your kids will need some lunch (though I suppose that isn’t different from most other days). Packing a lunch is a necessity if they’re attending in-person, but I know a lot of remote friends who are still filling a lunch-box in the morning because it makes things easier andContinue reading “What’s In Your Lunchbox?”

Think you’re making good climate choices? Take this NY Times Quiz to find out!

Want to cut down on your carbon footprint, but not sure the best way to proceed? Wondering whether you should go vegetarian or switch to a hybrid… it turns out a lot of us (me included) have misconceptions about which of our behaviors are the most carbon intensive. Take this New York Times quiz toContinue reading “Think you’re making good climate choices? Take this NY Times Quiz to find out!”

Five Questions with Bret Ingold from Warner Public Market

Visiting Warner Public Market in Warner, is like going back in time. Locally grown food, locally made crafts and goods, and neighbors with friendly smiles greet you inside. Nestled in the heart of downtown Warner, the market has quickly become an important part of the idyllic town, which is easily found right off exit 9Continue reading “Five Questions with Bret Ingold from Warner Public Market”

New Hampshire is in a severe drought. Here are ten things you can do about it!

According to WMUR, many areas of New Hampshire, including Merrimack county, are in a state of moderate to severe drought. With no rain in sight and officials slow to order mandatory water restrictions, it’s time we take matters into our own hands. Here is how you can conserve water at home right now (all quotesContinue reading “New Hampshire is in a severe drought. Here are ten things you can do about it!”

Products We Use: Norwex Dish Cloth

Disposable sponges and dish wands last a short time before they get tossed. This polyester cloth lasts forever, works really well, is made from recycled material and it is dishwasher and washing machine safe. I use it to “wipe” dishes like they did in the old days before putting them into my dishwasher.

Green Your Grill!

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, many take to the outdoors to cook their food on the grill. It is nice to be in the open air, it is a way to escape the heat of the indoor stove during the hot summer months, and there is something primal about cooking over an open fire.Continue reading “Green Your Grill!”

Products We Use: Thinx

A few months ago, I posted a question on Facebook and asked friends what they were doing to change their habits and help the Earth. People listed a few things I had been doing – reducing single-use and paper products, buying more second-hand items, eating less meat – but a good friend messaged me privatelyContinue reading “Products We Use: Thinx”

I take out one 4-gallon trash bag every three weeks – and so can you!!

Taking out the trash does not have to be a daily – or even weekly – chore. In our house, we take out one 4-gallon trash bag (that’s the small, under-the-counter size) every three weeks*. Our trash never stinks and it is never over-flowing. Here’s how: Consume Less! The first and simplest way to avoidContinue reading “I take out one 4-gallon trash bag every three weeks – and so can you!!”

DIY Fabric Softener

The other day, my friend texted me: “Hey question – wondering your thoughts. My towels don’t like city water. They’re so stiff now and uncomfortable. I’m not having any issues with any clothing, just towels. I never use fabric softener and don’t want to (due to chemicals). I have wool dryer balls. Anything you canContinue reading “DIY Fabric Softener”

Small footprint baby

Myth: Babies need lots of stuff! You have just learned the news – a new baby will be joining your family! It’s time to jump in the car and head to Target! Or, better yet, start making that Amazon wish list! Fact: Babies don’t need much and what they do need can easily be foundContinue reading “Small footprint baby”

Oat Milk 101

Readers, it is silly how EASY and INEXPENSIVE it is to make oat milk. You’ll save money and reduce your waste and it won’t even take you ten minutes! I feel stupid I didn’t start doing it earlier.

Easy Baking Swaps

If you’re like me, you’ve been baking a lot more often now that we’re staying home due to Covid-19. If you’re also like me, you really dislike scrubbing cupcake/muffin tins once your goodies have been eaten and enjoyed. In the past, I used disposable paper liners until I saw a better way. A friend introducedContinue reading “Easy Baking Swaps”

Going Green & Living Clean Quick Start Guide by Rebekah Lara

Available on her website,, Rebekah Lara’s e-book is a great resource for those who want to make greener, cleaner life changes, but don’t want to do all the legwork to research and find new products. Set up as a check-list, the guide walks you through swaps* for your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and cleaning suppliesContinue reading “Going Green & Living Clean Quick Start Guide by Rebekah Lara”

Wash Your Hands

While it’s always important to wash your hands, it’s currently more necessary than ever. So what kind of hand soap do you use? From an environmental perspective, package-free bar soap is the most low-waste option. However not everyone likes bar soap and many prefer the liquid version. If you’re in this group, there are aContinue reading “Wash Your Hands”

Products We Use: Dropps

A few months ago, my friend suggested I try Dropps dishwasher-detergent and I haven’t looked back. Before Covid-19, I was regularly replenishing my laundry and dish detergent at our local co-op refilling station. However I was unable to locate bulk dishwasher detergent, and therefore used the best I could find. This usually meant Seventh GenerationContinue reading “Products We Use: Dropps”

Zero Waste Period

For many women, having their period means a pile of trash each month – used tampon applicators, wrappers, pads, and the boxes they all came in – but it doesn’t have to be that way! There are some wonderful products on the market that keep you clean, healthy, and waste free during your period. InsteadContinue reading “Zero Waste Period”

Products We Use: Kidizen

In Hannah’s post about baby fashion, she extols the virtues of hand-me-downs. I couldn’t agree more. However sometimes you’re the first friend in your circle to have children and hand-me-downs are nowhere to be found. You might also have two little girls and want to play around with dressing them. (I speak from experience aboutContinue reading “Products We Use: Kidizen”

Eco Baby Fashion

Listen, I know you’re excited about that new baby and there are so many adorable outfits at Target, but step away for a minute and consider your options. Babies grow out of things really, really fast. Like in a day, sometimes. So buying brand new clothes for baby just doesn’t make sense. Parents in theContinue reading “Eco Baby Fashion”

Covid-19 Grocery Shopping

Just when we it seemed reusable grocery bags were hitting their stride, along comes Covid-19 and the governor’s order to leave them at home. So are we back to plastic? NO! We just need to get creative. Many people have been re-packing their groceries into their carts and packing their shopping bags in theContinue reading “Covid-19 Grocery Shopping”

How to Patch Clothing

We’re always being told to reduce, reuse, recycle, but another “r” that doesn’t get as much press is repair. Before cheap clothes made over seas and fast fashion, people took better care of their clothes (and clothes were made better). One way to take care of your clothes is to patch holes. Children, especially, areContinue reading “How to Patch Clothing”

No More Paper Napkins!

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. How should I start? What’s the first change I should make? In my journey, paper napkins were one of the first single-use items that left my house. Cloth napkins took their place on the kitchen table, as seen above. Yes, like with many “green” initiatives, there isContinue reading “No More Paper Napkins!”

Baby Food for Thought

The baby food aisle is well-stocked with all kinds of jars and pouches, but you can save a lot of waste, not to mention time and money, with just a couple baby food tricks. First, no matter how cute the packaging, jarred baby food is nothing more than mushed up food. The same food weContinue reading “Baby Food for Thought”


Food waste and scraps account for about 25% of our landfill. Some people assume that this food will easily decompose into the ground – thus causing no problem – however that is untrue. Landfills are designed to prevent leakage. If extracted, a banana peel that was tossed away ten years ago will therefore likely lookContinue reading “Composting!”

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