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ACT NOW: Support the Local Food for Local Schools Program TOMORROW!

It’s a win, win, win! The Local Food for Local Schools Reimbursement program (HB 1657) will help schools pay New Hampshire farmers and producers for New Hampshire made and grown food to serve as breakfast and lunch for New Hampshire students. It’s good for our farmers, who will have a stable market for their produce. It’sContinue reading “ACT NOW: Support the Local Food for Local Schools Program TOMORROW!”

“That’s not yogurt either” and other funny stories from my low-waste life

Whenever two cultures collide, there are bound to be some funny and awkward stories and low waste culture and standard American culture are no exceptions. I’ve had some really unpleasant experiences where people were rude, ignorant, or insulting, but for the most part, people are just kind of bewildered and curious about my low-waste lifestyle.Continue reading ““That’s not yogurt either” and other funny stories from my low-waste life”

Why I grow my own food

In a world where I can drive ten minutes to the grocery store and buy perfectly clean, spot-free tomatoes and bright green, uniformly-sized greens, and scrubbed, spotless potatoes for less than $20, why did I just spend an hour bent over my garden, hands in the dirt, to harvest funny-shaped, nibbled tomatoes, greens, and potatoesContinue reading “Why I grow my own food”

Products We Use: Berkey Water Filter

Most people know that drinking safe, clean water is of paramount importance for our health, but many don’t take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their families from water contaminants. And many people drink bottled water, get water delivered, or filter their tap water through inefficient and insufficient filters into plastic containers (read: Brita).Continue reading “Products We Use: Berkey Water Filter”

Weeds and Deer and Bugs, Oh My! How to keep nature from eating your vegetable garden without using chemicals

Three days of rain followed by two days of warm sun is perfect weather for growing vegetables – and weeds. I spent a good part of yesterday over at the community garden explaining to the weeds that, while I’m happy if they want to take over my yard, I’d prefer it if they could stayContinue reading “Weeds and Deer and Bugs, Oh My! How to keep nature from eating your vegetable garden without using chemicals”

Skip the Box Pizza Delivery! Make six low-waste pizza crusts to freeze and use anytime

Pizza delivery is wasteful (the driving, the packaging) and expensive. Keep pizza easy and fun with this six crust recipe. It’s much healthier than restaurant pizza and just as good (my daughters think it’s better). Freeze five crusts and you’ll have easy dinners right at your fingertips. Why is this pizza low waste? We buyContinue reading “Skip the Box Pizza Delivery! Make six low-waste pizza crusts to freeze and use anytime”

Low Waste Snacking

Go to any grocery store and you will find row upon row of individually-packaged snacks. Gas stations, pharmacies, and even health food stores are fully stocked with snacks wrapped in plastic. Marketed as easier and more convenient, these snacks add so much waste to our lives and they are completely unnecessary. Many foods come unpackagedContinue reading “Low Waste Snacking”

April Zero Waste Wins and Struggles

As we’ve discussed here on the site, we’re all somewhere on our “zero-waste journey.” It’s pretty impossible to practice a perfect zero-waste lifestyle – society just doesn’t work that way – but we can all work towards making small changes and improvements towards helping the Earth. So I’ve made a decision to celebrate those accomplishmentsContinue reading “April Zero Waste Wins and Struggles”

Avoiding Food Waste

Most environmentalists will tell you that food waste is one the leading contributors to climate change. Not necessarily the food itself, but the fact that it’s the item most excessively thrown into landfills. Think spoiled leftovers, rotten fruits or veggies or unopened/half eaten foods from a lunchbox. So what can we do? A few ideasContinue reading “Avoiding Food Waste”

Thank you, Earth!

Dear Earth, Thank you for all the magnificent forests, beaches, rivers, mountains, lakes, oceans, deserts, grasslands, and jungles. Thank you for the amazing animals that crawl, fly, walk, swim, and hop. Thank you for the air we breathe. Thank you for hot days and cold days, for snowy days and rainy days, and everything inContinue reading “Thank you, Earth!”

Carbon Sequestration is the future (please read despite the boring title)

A recent headline on NPR caught my eye: Carbon Emissions Could Plummet. The Atmosphere Will Lag Behind. At first, my eye caught the words “emissions” and “plummet” in the same sentence and I got cautiously hopeful, then I saw the second clause and went back to my usual state of climate anxiety. Thanks to aContinue reading “Carbon Sequestration is the future (please read despite the boring title)”

Earth Day Prep

Earth Day is one week from today and there is so much to do! Trees and flowers to buy. Organizations to research. Gloves and bags to find. Books to borrow…. You may not think of Earth Day as a holiday that requires preparation, but a successful Earth Day requires just as much forethought as anyContinue reading “Earth Day Prep”

USED is the new NEW

I was ten the first time my parents bought a new piece of furniture from a store. Before this momentous occasion, everything in their house was either from my dad’s great aunt, who had passed away the year they were married, or from the side of the road. My parents lingered over catalogs for daysContinue reading “USED is the new NEW”

My Low Waste Breakfast – An introduction to bulk buying

Chances are you, like me, eat the same thing for breakfast most mornings. For my family, it’s oatmeal. Big hearty bowls of oatmeal, flavored with peanut butter, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, and a splash of maple syrup. When berries, apples, peaches, and other fruits are in season, we add those too. In order toContinue reading “My Low Waste Breakfast – An introduction to bulk buying”

Monthly Zero-Waste Wins

Happy Monday! As I’ve mentioned on the site before, I am somewhere in the middle of my zero-waste journey. I have some fast fashion clothes, still eat meat and drive a small sized SUV, but I’m working on making better choices for the future. In my opinion, little accomplishments add up to big ones andContinue reading “Monthly Zero-Waste Wins”

Green your Shaving Routine

Daily habits – like shaving – can be hugely wasteful. Each year, people go through can after can of shaving cream or gel, tons of disposable razors and/or disposable blades, and bottles of aftershave and lotion. But shaving, like your other daily habits, doesn’t need to be wasteful! Here are some products, tips, and tricksContinue reading “Green your Shaving Routine”

Seed Starting 101

The beautiful weather these last few days has had me thinking Spring, Spring, Spring! And Spring makes me think of gardening and gardening makes me think – it’s time to start some seeds! (I wrote last month about planning for your garden, if you want to start there). March is a good time to startContinue reading “Seed Starting 101”

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it everywhere? While I’m being a little grouchy about saying goodbye to winter (not sure why, maybe change is hard right now), there is something nice about opening the windows, feeling the fresh breeze and thinking about warmer and brighter days ahead. The temps are rising, andContinue reading “Spring is in the air!”

Five Questions with Laura Johnson of Design 645

I had a fun and inspiring chat with my friend, Laura Johnson, this weekend about sustainable ways to redecorate your home using what you have, found treasures, and eco-friendly materials. Laura runs Design 645, an interior design studio based in Hopkinton, New Hampshire. You can see Laura’s work on Instagram and Facebook. I think IContinue reading “Five Questions with Laura Johnson of Design 645”

Guest Post! Rachel’s Husband Talks About His “So-Called Eco Life”

I don’t know when it first started. It may have been the scratchy toilet paper. Maybe it was the Seventh Generation baby wipes or suddenly not being able to find the paper towels. It could have been going from the Vanity Fair napkins to the big stack of cloth napkins on the kitchen table. Perhaps itContinue reading “Guest Post! Rachel’s Husband Talks About His “So-Called Eco Life””

What is Greenwashing?

Ever hear the old saying “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” That’s how I feel about greenwashing. Greenwashing is the process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company’s products are more environmentally sound. Greenwashing is considered an unsubstantiated claim to deceive consumers into believingContinue reading “What is Greenwashing?”

Only YOU can save New Hampshire’s forests

Our beautiful state of New Hampshire is the second most forested state in the nation. Nearly 84% of our land is covered with carbon-sequestering, oxygen-giving, awe-inspiring trees. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that large swaths of our planet are not. Taking care of our forests and keeping them healthy is everyone’s job. New Hampshire’s forestsContinue reading “Only YOU can save New Hampshire’s forests”

Who’s paying for your burger?

Meat and dairy production accounts for around 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. – CarbonBrief The United States Department of Agriculture’s guideline for a healthy diet is illustrated with a plate divided into fourths. The largest portions on the plate are fruits and vegetables; next comes grains; and, lastly, proteins. The USDA lists the following foods asContinue reading “Who’s paying for your burger?”

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