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Five Questions with New Hampshire State Senator David Watters

In December, I had the opportunity to speak with Senator David Watters from New Hampshire’s 4th district, and I was inspired by his commitment to our beautiful state and to the planet. I asked him if he could please share his environmental platform with our GreenLifeNH readers and he kindly agreed. Why does New Hampshire’sContinue reading “Five Questions with New Hampshire State Senator David Watters”

ACT NOW: Support the Local Food for Local Schools Program TOMORROW!

It’s a win, win, win! The Local Food for Local Schools Reimbursement program (HB 1657) will help schools pay New Hampshire farmers and producers for New Hampshire made and grown food to serve as breakfast and lunch for New Hampshire students. It’s good for our farmers, who will have a stable market for their produce. It’sContinue reading “ACT NOW: Support the Local Food for Local Schools Program TOMORROW!”

Carbon Sequestration is the future (please read despite the boring title)

A recent headline on NPR caught my eye: Carbon Emissions Could Plummet. The Atmosphere Will Lag Behind. At first, my eye caught the words “emissions” and “plummet” in the same sentence and I got cautiously hopeful, then I saw the second clause and went back to my usual state of climate anxiety. Thanks to aContinue reading “Carbon Sequestration is the future (please read despite the boring title)”

What a Week.

I try to stay “on-topic” here on GreenLifeNH, but it’s obviously been quite a week in this country. Lots of rightful outrage over tragic and senseless killings, and asking for reforms that need to be made. I don’t have the answers, nor am I against the police, but we need change. We can’t continue onContinue reading “What a Week.”

Earth Day Prep

Earth Day is one week from today and there is so much to do! Trees and flowers to buy. Organizations to research. Gloves and bags to find. Books to borrow…. You may not think of Earth Day as a holiday that requires preparation, but a successful Earth Day requires just as much forethought as anyContinue reading “Earth Day Prep”

It’s the Weekend!

Happy Weekend! We’ve had different family members in town for the past two weeks and it’s been lovely. So nice to slowly return to pre-Covid times and spend time with loved ones. This weekend, our family is celebrating a wedding anniversary so we might take a day trip to Maine. Our younger one specifically askedContinue reading “It’s the Weekend!”

Happy Easter Weekend!

It might be cold today but spring is officially here and it’s Easter weekend. We might try dying some eggs for fun using alternative, natural agents like coffee and tumeric. If all else fails, it’ll be a fun experiment to do with the girls. Also, if you’re still looking for Easter basket ideas, Hannah offersContinue reading “Happy Easter Weekend!”

Happy Spring!

Well, I think we can say it’s officially spring. My daughter keeps asking me if it’s “supposed” to be this warm or if we’re feeling climate change. Truthfully, I’m not sure. I’ll be honest and admit I’m starting to enjoy this warmer weather but 70 in March in New Hampshire? Is that normal? What doContinue reading “Happy Spring!”

Happy Weekend!

It’s Friday! How are you planning to spend your weekend? I have schoolwork and chores, but will also balance with seeing some friends and visiting a new-to-us farm. I love a good farm store and am excited to experiment in the kitchen with local foods that I find. This past week, I also visited theContinue reading “Happy Weekend!”

It’s Fri-Yay!

How was your week? It seems like mud season has started and my girls are excited about playing in the warmer weather and jumping in the puddles. However I think it’s supposed to turn cold again next week, so we’re not quite done with winter just yet. In the meantime, lots of summer plans onContinue reading “It’s Fri-Yay!”

Weatherize Concord!

Concord, NH friends – a wonderful opportunity to weatherize your home and/or business in order to make it more energy efficient and sustainable. As you may know, weatherizing your home is one step you can take in combating climate change. Insulation, stronger windows and sealing are a great way to save money while using lessContinue reading “Weatherize Concord!”

Three Women Environmentalists and What We Can Learn From Them

I had a different post planned for today but then learned it’s International Women’s Day! Is there an International Man’s Day? Is there a Man’s History Month? What if every day and every month involved honoring women’s work alongside their male colleagues? Are women different that they need a special day? In some ways, maybe.Continue reading “Three Women Environmentalists and What We Can Learn From Them”

It’s March!

The air is warmer and the days are lengthening! We “spring forward” in just a few weeks and soon the warm coats and snow pants will be packed away. (But make sure to leave your boots out for another month or two due to mud season!) I just booked a family tour at a new-to-meContinue reading “It’s March!”

Happy Friday!

How was your week? My kids were home on school break and we safely saw some friends and had fun outside. The weather is beginning to turn in New Hampshire and our local outdoor skating pond is closed for the season. While I’m excited for spring, I’m not ready to be done with winter. StillContinue reading “Happy Friday!”

How Was Your Week?

Pretty good week here, all things considered. I’m happy that the weather is seasonally cold and even managed to ski and sled a bit this week. Winter sports can really help you get through January and February. A perfect day for me involves some kind of outside, physical activity, followed by resting and relaxing withContinue reading “How Was Your Week?”

It’s Snowing!

As I sit down to write our weekly news highlights, the snow falls steadily outside my window. Don’t know about you, but when the weather acts appropriately, I feel a lot calmer. Once we are released from quarantine (yes, that happened to us this week), we have lots of outside winter plans. A local momContinue reading “It’s Snowing!”

Random Musings…

I will share that I haven’t been able to think about something full and concrete to write about today. To me, the best work is the most honest work, so I’m staying true to that belief. Rather than forcing a subpar post, I thought I’d be truthful and rather offer a few things I’ve beenContinue reading “Random Musings…”

It’s Been A Good Week for the Earth

While Covid unfortunately continues to spread through the world, our new leaders are also combating climate change. President Biden focused on his campaign promises, including stopping oil drilling on public lands and halting production of the Keystone pipeline. Some advocate for the pipeline – arguing that it will create jobs – but it’s important toContinue reading “It’s Been A Good Week for the Earth”

Only YOU can save New Hampshire’s forests

Our beautiful state of New Hampshire is the second most forested state in the nation. Nearly 84% of our land is covered with carbon-sequestering, oxygen-giving, awe-inspiring trees. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that large swaths of our planet are not. Taking care of our forests and keeping them healthy is everyone’s job. New Hampshire’s forestsContinue reading “Only YOU can save New Hampshire’s forests”

It’s a New Day!

How was your week? Very happy campers over here. The nation made history (hello, Vice President Kamala Harris!) and the new President mentioned our climate emergency right in his inauguration speech. But after we take a moment to revel in this new day, we need to get back to work. Lots to do. Let’s seeContinue reading “It’s a New Day!”

Who’s paying for your burger?

Meat and dairy production accounts for around 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. – CarbonBrief The United States Department of Agriculture’s guideline for a healthy diet is illustrated with a plate divided into fourths. The largest portions on the plate are fruits and vegetables; next comes grains; and, lastly, proteins. The USDA lists the following foods asContinue reading “Who’s paying for your burger?”

Happy 2021!

Hannah and I are back this week after some restful time with our families. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any stranger, the world watched Wednesday’s events unfold at the Capitol. We shared some of our thoughts on the site and are now hoping for calmer waters ahead. The planet still needs our helpContinue reading “Happy 2021!”

Holy Snow!

How was your snow day? I personally loved it. NH needed a good amount of snow and we had a lot of fun sledding, playing, shoveling etc. My husband tried to get out in the morning, but it was impossible because the snow just kept coming. Sometimes it’s good to be forced to slow downContinue reading “Holy Snow!”

Sliding into the Weekend!

How was your week? Our family celebrated the first night of Hanukkah and this weekend we have plans to light some candles with our neighbors (from a distance). I’m also making some lactation cookies for a different neighbor with a new baby, and we will wave hello to a friend who’s having a birthday. Ah,Continue reading “Sliding into the Weekend!”

Happy December!

How has your week been? Ours was a little hectic, as our kids were home from school and we juggled work, education and mental health all together. (See our fort?) But that’s just a normal day in 2020, correct? In the meantime, climate change continues to happen (this week was eerily warm but snow isContinue reading “Happy December!”

Have A Safe Weekend

NH is starting to feel the effects of Covid-19 and that’s been weighing on my mind. However I’m going to focus on the joys of our beautiful state and try to spend time outside in our serene woods (make sure to wear bright colors due to hunting season), cook food from our local farms andContinue reading “Have A Safe Weekend”

It’s Friday!

This weather has been crazy, hasn’t it? While I obviously enjoy going outside during warmer temperatures, something doesn’t feel right. I’ve only lived in NH for seven years, but I know that 75 degrees in November isn’t normal. Nevertheless, I’ve been enjoying this mix of seasons by enjoying some masked walks with friends and cookingContinue reading “It’s Friday!”

What A Week!

How are you feeling? Don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Lots of coffee has been consumed over these past few days. We still don’t know who’s won the election and it saddens me that we are so divided. We need to find a way to come together. Regardless of the winner, we must allContinue reading “What A Week!”

Have A Fun Halloween!

The big day is almost here! No – not Election Day (though I’m anxiously awaiting that one too) – Halloween! My children and I are so excited! Do you have a costume planned? I looked through my closet and am going as Professor McConagall. Halloween was never huge for me, but I love getting intoContinue reading “Have A Fun Halloween!”

Guest Post! The 45 by 2030 Pledge: Climate Change Commitment at the Household Level

Our friend, Jessica Forrest, is back! Following-up on her previous post, she imagines household level commitments on climate change… It is October, and typically there would be a buzz around the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change, in which country governments strengthen their commitments to address climate change. This year, the conference has been postponedContinue reading “Guest Post! The 45 by 2030 Pledge: Climate Change Commitment at the Household Level”

How Was Your Week?

How was your week? Food seems to be on our minds right now at GreenLifeNH, and in the news as well! What will you be cooking this weekend? I’ll be working on some soups and decorating pumpkins with my girls. Might also find time to make some apple butter. In the meantime, a few food-relatedContinue reading “How Was Your Week?”

How Was Your Week?

The girls and I went apple picking this past week and had a lot of fun with our bounty! Homemade apple sauce, apple pies and lots of crunchy fruit to snack on! Also wishing I had purchased more cider donuts. Gould Hill makes the best ones I’ve ever tasted. Plus, my husband and I mailedContinue reading “How Was Your Week?”

What Is Fracking?

Fracking: the process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc. so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas. Fracking was a hot topic during last week’s Vice Presidential debate so I thought it would be helpful to discuss this technique and its effect the environment. To beContinue reading “What Is Fracking?”

What Happened This Week?

Fall is in the air! I’ve pulled out the warmer coats and soups are starting to simmer on the stove. Used local leeks and potatoes to make this favorite for dinner this week. In the meantime, the election is imminent! Let’s see how politics affect the environment. Plus some other fun links to share. RecyclingContinue reading “What Happened This Week?”

What Happened This Week?

Happy October! If you’ve been following our Instagram, you’ll see I dove into the season this week and treated my family to some very “Fall” things like our favorite local whoopie pie and traditional NH flowers. Fewer things make me happier than flowers – they are inexpensive, feel like a treat, add beauty to one’sContinue reading “What Happened This Week?”

I Turn 40 This Week. Here are 40 Things You Can Do For the Earth

Vote! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – voting is a free and easy way to advocate for the Earth. It doesn’t even need to be a Trump vs Biden decision. Voting in all races is important, as climate-related decisions are made throughout government. Turn off your car while waiting in aContinue reading “I Turn 40 This Week. Here are 40 Things You Can Do For the Earth”

Three of District 2’s Democratic EC Candidates Talk About the Environment

With the primary less than one week away, GreenLifeNH asked the Executive Council candidates to share their plans for addressing environmental issues. Here are three of their answers. Remember – voting is a free and easy way to protect the Earth and fight climate change. Our home needs to be at the forefront of ourContinue reading “Three of District 2’s Democratic EC Candidates Talk About the Environment”

District 15’s Democratic Senate Candidates Talk About the Environment

With the primary less than two weeks away, GreenLifeNH asked the candidates to share their plans for addressing environmental issues. Here are their answers. Remember – voting is a free and easy way to protect the Earth and fight climate change. Our home needs to be at the forefront of our minds as we headContinue reading “District 15’s Democratic Senate Candidates Talk About the Environment”

New Hampshire is in a severe drought. Here are ten things you can do about it!

According to WMUR, many areas of New Hampshire, including Merrimack county, are in a state of moderate to severe drought. With no rain in sight and officials slow to order mandatory water restrictions, it’s time we take matters into our own hands. Here is how you can conserve water at home right now (all quotesContinue reading “New Hampshire is in a severe drought. Here are ten things you can do about it!”

Links Around the Web

Share Your Ideas For NHPR’s New Climate Change Reporting Project. What do you want to hear about on NHPR? Let them know! I’d like to know more about how we can push for municipal composting all around New Hampshire A petition asking Amazon to offer a “plastic-free” option in its packaging. In the meantime, AmazonContinue reading “Links Around the Web”

Friday Links Around the Web

Environmental news from various sources around the web: Jane Goodall on climate change and Covid-19. How our interactions with the natural world are causing consequences and why we must change them Compost sharing in Lebanon, NH! Only three municipalities in NH offer composting programs. We can do better! While started earlier this year, “as ofContinue reading “Friday Links Around the Web”

Links Around the Web – 7/17/2020

What kind of dish soap do you use? The Swedish mall that’s right next to a recycling center Trump to Weaken Environmental Rules to Speed Infrastructure Permits – NYT Soaring methane emissions threaten to put climate change goals out of reach The Life Cycle of Plastic Laundry Detergent Jugs

Links Around the Web – 7/7/2020

Covid-19 and its connection to air pollution and climate change Massachusetts v the EPA. The Trump administration and its assault on environmental protections Protecting land in Webster, NH The GOP and the environment, written by a conservative politician Vermont bans food scraps from landfills and trash

Links From Around the Web – 6/19/2020

Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma changed my life. In this article, he talks about the benefits of decentralizing our food supply Some basic questions and answers about climate change from the New York Times Patagonia talks about the problems with relying on recycling Stimulus packages and the environment

Links From Around the Web – 6/5/2020

“More Reasons to Line Dry Outside“ This is what happens when atmospheric chemists hang towels on drying racks around their chemistry building “The End of Meat is Here” The connection between factory farming, eating meat and climate change “The Uninhabitable Earth” Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak —Continue reading “Links From Around the Web – 6/5/2020”

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